Help Supercharging 2004 3.9L V6


New Member
Jul 2, 2020
Charlotte, North Carolina
So I have been looking around to try and find a supercharger kit to install on my 2004 V6, and all I can find is a procharger. From the research that I have done, centrifugal superchargers are only really effective on the top end of the rev range and isn't really ideal for a street car. I can find plenty of positive displacement kits for a 2004 gt but not a single one for the v6 model.
Im in love with my car and don't want to sell it and get a GT, is it possible to modify a vmp or whipple or something in order to get it to work on my car's motor?
I know I will likely need to invest in a cobra R hood or something because of clearance issues but I am not sure how to proceed with this.
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