!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!TRANS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by cronics66, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Hello to all fellow stang owners and fanatics. I recently cracked my C4 trans on my 66. I managed to pick up a used but running C4 from a friend. The tranny like I stated had not been giving him no problems whatsoever. When I finished the install, I went to turn the car on and notice a high pitched grind coming from the trans. At first I thought it might ahve been the starter, but nothing seems to be wrong with it. The torque converter went in the three steps it needed too, and im stuck there. I dont know what it could be. If someone has an idea or has ran into this before let me know, Im desperate to get my baby back on the road. Thanks for the info beforehand.
  2. spacer plate not seated properly? look for marks on the flexplate
  3. Did you swap torque converters between the 2 trannies or use the original one that came with the donor?
  4. I used the torque converter that came with donor transmission. As far the spacer plate not seated properly, how could that be, if the tranny bolts right up to the back of the engine and the spacer plate is right in between????:shrug:
  5. Don't give up on the starter. Make sure the sheatmetal cover over the lever that sends the starter gear into the flywheel is not keeping the gear from retracting all the way. If it dies not retract fully from the flywheel it will make an awful racket. Mine had a dent in it from the parts house and I had to tap it out so there was no binding.
  6. So I removed my starter after starting it up again to see what type of noise it was, and when I removed it, I found that the flywheel had some teeth damage. It seems that something is hitting the flywheel and causing it to grind. I will be looking into the engine backing plate, as well as getting the starter tested. The flywheel seems like it will still be fine for a while, its just grinded in the edge that sits on the engine. Thanks for the info! Ill keep u guys posted.:bang:
  7. When you bolted the torque convertor up, I'll bet you didn't line up the drain plug with the hole in the flex plate causing it to warp and strike the starter every revolution.

    First, rotate the engine by hand using a 15/16" socket on the front of the crank untill you can see the hole in the flex plate. Then you have to unbolt the torque convertor, then loosen the tranny enough so you can push the T/C studs back through the flex plate and rotate it untill the plug lines up with the hole. Then bolt everything back up again.