Help us GT500 MSRP Buyers out...

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  1. Folks,

    Here's how I hope to have some negotiating power in the final price of my GT500 (to be delivered who knows when..):

    For those who have already completed the purchase of a GT500 at or near MSRP (< $10K over MSRP), I am requesting you post a copy of your final sales contract (with clearly highlighted price) to this forum.

    That way, myself and others can down them and show them to our own dealerships in the final negotiations... At least we'll have some kind of ammunition for the fight...

    I know these cars are commanding a higher price, I just want a fair price at a fair profit for the dealer.


    Keith Lambert
  2. The point where we are in the sales run of this car would be comparable to the first 5 seconds of the first quarter of a football game. Close your wallet, use your head and sit back for a while. Let things settle down.

    These cars have huge MSRPs for a Mustang. The current stupid market on these cars will collapse as it always does far sooner than salesman and diehard Fordaholics will have you believe.

    Ask the guy who paid 60 grand for a C5 Z06 and later saw them selling new for 41K if he would ever pay even the sticker price again. Guys paid 40K plus for the early Terminators only to see others grab new ones for 28 or 29K a year later.

    Your friendly Ford dealer who will quickly rearend you at 50 or 60 grand today is the same guy who will have every reason why he can't give ya 30 for it in 18 months. Be carefull because you can really get your face kicked in with this stuff.
  3. 100% correct. Dealers are, for the most part, two-faced, back-stabbing bastards. The game is to sell high, buy low. They will tell you how these cars are spoken for for the next 2 years and how it's going to be impossible to get them and how they will hold their value (LOL!) - just to offer you 10k BELOW MSRP if you were to trade one a year later, citing how they all depreciate.
  4. good advice

    All good advice.

    I wonder how many on here that claim MSRP actually have the keys in hand with their bill of sale. From this board, it looks like most people were on a list somewhere, then they found out their good deals evaporated when the crazy market for these vehicles hit. Most everyone got left out. I can count the people who've spoken up about taking delivery of their cars on one hand judging by this board. This leaves me with two likely conclusions...
    1) People that 'think' they are getting MSRP don't know they've gotten screwed yet because they haven't taken delivery of the car.

    2) People that actually have one like MK2 admit that they paid a premium for the car over MSRP. It's not a terrible thing if you have the cash to do it.

    To the thread poster, I don't think you'll find many people that have MSRP receipts.


    I'm learning an awful lot about these dealership's ideas of fair prices, loyalty to costumer, and service when faced with a chance to screw the public over the almighty dollar.

  5. Yep...and when they take your order far in advance, and promise you MSRP - you can rest ASSURED that in the back of their minds, they know they are just getting you on the hook - and plan to back out.
  6. How about a lil test???

    I would say test the whole demand and availability, marketability dealers are using to sell the GT500s and see if it still exists by simply going to a Ford dealership that has or will sell GT500's, and go in saying you wish to trade your brand new GT500 in on another vehicle, citing that it wasn't what you expected or that your interested in that new Ford GT. Just see what they would be willing to offer you for it as a trade in.
    1. Would they say the market is hot and they will give you more than MSRP?
    2. Would they say the market is slowing down and the value has depreciated to a lil' less than MSRP?
    3. Would it be valued at a lot less than MSRP due to it being a used GT500?

    I wonder which way they would go with it?
  7. Mine Is paid for and at 2k over i paid 48,522.81 that includes Tt&t. FL has 6% sales tax
    Car is on its way to dealer just got paper work last week. Wanted to rap it up ASAP so i could sleep at night noing its not theirs anymore
  8. With so many of these out there, they'll be below MSRP by next year at this time.
  9. Wait until they have made 8 or 10 thousand of them and they will be priced like any other new car. New car sticker prices are a joke and have been for decades. Who in their right mind would pay sticker for a new car?
  10. Your right! I never in my life have ever paid sticker price for a new vehicle. I hope i never do. I remember when the new body s.c. 99 lightning came out. I ordered mine the first day they were able to take orders and got it for the x-plan price. I bought my 01 cobra for X-plan price and didn't even ask for it.It's just a matter of time. The prices are dropping as I type!
  11. If the people would have waited a while these dealers across the country would have dropped the prices.F.M.C.don't care what this car will be worth in 30 years,They are hurting.and need to sell cars,What did Shelby have to do with this car anyway other than letting Ford put his name on it.Wait till the morons find out how bad they got screwed on the car.Someone said they would have rebates on it by Christmas.....HA!!
  12. That is SO true!!!!!!!!!
  13. in 03 they made about 13500 cobras.
    in 04 they made about 5600 cobras.

    Each year, they had some left over, but ESPECIALLY the 04s, which they made a lot fewer of. Still, over 19,000 made and we see them everywhere, for sale everywhere. They were priced in the low 30s and even the high 20s by the time they were dumping the 04s. Now, at $15k HIGHER price, how many people will really buy all of these? I think they will run out in or before the 07s are gone, leaving whatever they produce in 08 to be sold for sticker and less.

    If they couldn't sell 5600 04s at 32k, how are they going to sell 9-10k 08s at 55-60k? Personally, I'm going to wait for x-plan! :)

    One more thing - History is repeating itself. The thing that slowed the 04 sales was the new body coming out in 05. Well, I believe the mustang is getting a re-skin for 09, so the same should hold true for slowing sales of the 08 models.
  14. The Terminator market simply collapsed and died with mid 30's pricing. 6-7 thousand dollar discounts were needed to clear a huge number of these cars which were the hottest Mustangs ever as the GT500 is now.
  15. BTW 03-04 Cobras are the only recent Mustang, AFAIK, that have been able to hold anywhere close to their original value. An 04 purchased at $29,500 could still get that today, which is not too common in new cars.
  16. The market is created by the buyers. Over here in the UK, you just won't ever find anybody willing to pay over the list price except for maybe the really new exotic stuff but even then, it's speculators who have put their name on the waiting list and are cashing in on high demand. Many of the exotic manufacturers have put a stop to this by only allowing previous customers to buy.

    For more mainstream stuff like the new Focus ST, initially the dealers WILL give you list or a bit more for cars they have impatient customers for but if anyone suggested a premium of $20k they'd be laughed off the planet and they'd go and buy something else because NO CAR is that good.
  17. on the other side of the ledger, the Auto Agencies in UK dont/wont discount on pricing either.

    There just seems to be a lot of price-fixing and collusion and very little competition.

  18. No. Discounts are not only readily available, they're expected on most models. Only the high demand models make book price. Coupled to that, on certain models you get offers - Vauxhall are currently offering zero deposit, 0% finance and free insurance for example. In general, you pay top book ie list on new models that everyone wants.

    The other side of the ledger is that we pay a huge amount more in tax as part of the price so cars are more expensive to start with. But as a guide, you can currently buy a Monaro VXR with 500hp for £35k. If you convert that to dollars, you'd be looking at $60k which is comparable to the GT500 but the VXR comes with all the HSV stuff which is different to your GTO. The question is what else can you get for the money and a Vette and then some has got to be a clincher.
  19. No regrets

    Nobody wants to pay sticker and I didn't. I paid more and I don't regret it. I'm old enough to remember many cars I passed on and have since regretted it. I decided not this time. Life has been good to me and I am finally in a postion that I can do what I want and so a torch red GT500 will soon be in my garage.
  20. I have my 2007 vista blue GT500 and love it. Now In stock form is it worth the marK-ups id say to a point >5K But i didnt buy it for the Shebly name i want it for the SC 5.4, big brakes and 6-speed and if i had to pay a big mark up i would be in a GT. I hope people are not goin gto bye these and put them up. I for one want to show the 03-04 cobra boys the new SVT can hang