Help! water pump removal

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  1. I put on a newintake this weekend. When first got everything back together I went real ez around the block and noticed that the engine wasn't warming up. SO then I realize I have the t-stat facing the wrong way and I change it. I then drive it to the store, didn't really drive it hard but I did get on it one time for a quick second. I get home I turn it off and then I crank it up to move it and the accesory belt wouldn't turn. So now Im thinking maybe I burned out water pump. So I go to pull pump off and I can't get one bolt out passed the the crank pulley, does the crank pulley have to be remoed to get the pump off of the 94 and 95 gt's? Also do you think that short trip around the block w/ t-stat facing wrong would cause water pump to go bad and make it where the belts wont turn? All pulleys spin ez by hand when belt is off.
  2. I can't remember with the stock pulley. Go ahead and pull it off if it's in the way. It's only 4 bolts.

  3. If they all turn by hand with the belt off then there is no reason they shouldn't turn with the belt on if you have it routed the right way. I also doubt that you killed the water pump with a short drive if the car did not overheat at all. Make sure the belt is routed correctly and has the proper tension on it and everything should turn. If anything is froze up on you my bet would be on the smog pump or a/c compressor but if your saying they all turn by hand then they should all turn with the motor running.
  4. To crank means to turn the crank shaft.

    Are you saying the engine starts and the belt slips at the crank pulley?? Or are you saying it won't crank because the belt won't turn??

    Since all the accessories turn freely without the belt, I truly don't understand what you are trying to say .