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  1. (UPDATE) help with 460 & subs (UPDATE post#23)

    See post #23

    Is it possible to take the rear wires that lead into the rear amps of a 460 system and feed them to an after market amp to drive two 10" subs?

    Or can I tap into the pre-amped signal and feed it to another aftermarket powered amp that is capable of driving two 10"s?

    Is this even recommened if it can be done :shrug: or is it just a stupid idea :rolleyes:
  2. Jinx, this is from the FAQ section in this subforum. Did you see it? :)

  3. I did after I posted :nono: classic noob mistake :rlaugh:
  4. I didn't show it to ridicule you. ;)
    Just wanted to help, mang!
  5. I know :nice: I was just making fun of myself since I thought I had washed all the "noob" off. Hmmmmm, must have missed a spot :rlaugh:
  6. So which wires do I tap?


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  7. I am afraid I've not tapped the 460 on my '04. I gutted the one that was in my '95 Cobra and ran output from the head unit. I cannot help you on this one. :(
  8. Thanks for looking 4U2NV. Hopefully someone will know. I just don't want to go splice crazy trying to find the correct signal wires.
  9. OK let me get this straight, you want to run a set of subs

    w/ no power wire to your BATT?

    You can do this with a line converter but you will need to run a pos and neg wire.

    i really really hope thats what your asking
  10. I plan on powering the amp from the batt., I just want to know where I can tap for a pre-amped speaker signal so I don't have to run wires to the back of the head unit.
  11. A picture is worth...

    I thought this might help to show what I'm trying to accomplish. Without loosing signal to any other speakers. By the way, the amp and subs were free. :)
    Click here for info on the Subs
  12. the wires you need to hook up to are before the amp that lead to the head unit, it can be a pain Iv done it before
  13. Thanks, for the info.:nice: Are there actually 4 speakers in the rear deck or is that wire diagram I posted just totally confusing?:shrug:
  14. the diagram is for the inside of the amp. and yea there should be four seperate speaker sets coming from the head unit into the amp
  15. Thanks for everyone's help. I'm gonna try getting this done over Christmas vacation, provided I can find the time and the weather cooperates (no garage:( )
  16. Jinx, let us know how you fare in this project. :)
  17. Will do :nice: .
  18. you will not loose the sound from the rear speakers, you are just tapping into them for the source(input) signal for the amplifier.