Help with 87-93 door on an 83GT...??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 2001droptizzy, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. Im putting on doors from a 93 on my 83.I have the full doorpannel and power locks/windows.My 83 doors have power windows but not locks,so what kind of splicing or running wires do i need to do?Anyone know what wires are what for the door harness of the 83...?Any help is better than none
  2. It would be easier to just get the 87-93 center wire harness that runs between the new doors, if your new doors have all the wiring intact. The center harness hooks to the main harness with only two wires, one hot all the time for the locks, and one hot with the key on for the windows. They are both grounded through the drivers door. That way you will have all factory wiring and only two splicing of wires to do. The wires run across the top of the dash in the 87-93 cars, so they are a bit of a pain to pull, but easy if the dash is loose or removed.

    I have the door wiring diagram I think at work, I can send to you if you want.

    Good luck!
  3. I have 87 doors on my 85, both had power windows/locks, the door harness plugged right in and worked, no splicing at all, not sure if your locks will work if the 83 didnt have them
  4. Yes, you might just see if the plugs are the might just plug right up. I'm pretty sure the 87-93 ones with all power and the ones with locks only use the same center harness, so maybe the older ones did too. But you will have to plug in both sides to check the locks as both sides need to be connected to complete the circuits. The door harness connects to the main one in the drivers kick panel.