Help with a question on a 69 Mustang coupe

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  1. Yea. It kind of just paints a picture in the old memory that you wish you could forget. :D I'm much better now.....really. :nice:

  2. Oh, give me a freakin' break! :nonono: Reality checks dispensed here:

    First of all you'd better go double-coat on that "Happy-GBM" wax job about which Oz was speaking - because, after our famous "Brown Blizzards", there isn't a whole lot of paint left! For the uninformed; Brown Blizzards are just like Easterners' blizzards except instead of that slushy white saltwater-mixture stuff that melts above 32*F, you get honest-to-God sand, like what is used to strip car-body shells! By the way, sand doesn't melt until about 3500*F (around mid-July).
    Second, expect to replace all the rubber (window and valve-cover gaskets, etc) - cause it dries out here in areas where the average rainfall is 0.01" !
    On the plus side; whattheheck is this "cowl-rot" stuff you guys keep talking about? :shrug: :D

    Still Dreamin'
  3. We have our problems out here, but if you stay ahead of it you'll be fine. I finished the 69 coupe about 4 or 5 years ago now and it's still spotless down under. I have had to plast and repaint a couple of little spots that the primer didnt' seem to like, but other than that it's holding up very well.

    The big thing is staying on top of it, everytime it gets an oil change it gets a complete undercarriage inspection. Small price to pay for a Forever car.

  4. The GBM does hire out if you find you longer have to time for the inspections. I understand the whole procedure only takes about 2 minutes. :D

  5. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  6. Just make sure your insurance covers spontaneous combustion and explosions! :D
  7. No man alive can repair a post GBM Inspection :D
  8. Well it Sunday the 12th the third Sunday I was told I would be getting my car from the truck driver and NO car yet. Anyway pak I will not be driving it in foul weather but people from here know you never know when the **** is going to come down from the sky. so I am sure it will see some of the Elements around here. Plus the fact that where I live is completly surounded by ocean water. I dont think any wax will help it. I will probably renting a U storage it for the winter until I can exspand my shed into a garage. I will try to keep it from seeing snow, salt, rain and pothole as much as possible tho. I hope this driver calls me soon. FYI Dont ever use CROSS COUNTRY AUTO TRANSPORT from FL. They lied to me for 3 week now.
  9. Does anyone know what size rims I can put on the back. I would like to keep the stock size on the front and go to 10 inch on the back. I just dont know if the clarence is there for 10s
  10. Never said it could be repaired, just said I hope is insurance covers it, at least that way he might see some $$$ after the GBM finished with it!:D;)
  11. Sorry, I'm fresh out of Kit Kats. As for reality checks, you were speaking like I know where you live. Assuming it's as described in your location, I had a very disturbing image of what a brown blizzard might have really been. :rolleyes: Regardless, I'll take that harsh sun, sand and dried-out rubber over fixing rust any ole day of the week. An eastern born car could survive far longer driven every day in the west then a western born car could every day in the east, that is a reality that can't be denied and that was my point. West coast woes can be treated far easier than the east coast ones. If our cars had the original rubber or paint it would be just as bad, but you'll almost never rust. That's like comparing a booboo to cancer. :D
  12. Hmmmmmmmm.......................:scratch:
  13. PAk

    Now thats funny. :lol:
    Anyway the car made its way here. It is now in my drive way. Thank God. I took her up on the highway She ran great. Other than the Paint and rubber I am more then happy with her. I priced out exaust $500. paint job $5000.00 Then the seals all around would be about $200. more. To put the new head liner in is another $200. So when I am done I will be at 13000.00 Bucks give a thou take a thou. OK Iam going for a ride. :banana:
    We got to hook up some day. :flag:
  14. Just be sure to go thru everything before you cruise too much. I understand your excitement, believe me butunless you know for sure it was just compitently inspected, you don't want to suddenly sufferfrom brake failure or begin your dollar investment with a tow home. You should plan on freshening all the fluids and giving it a full tune up and run through before you put too many miles on it. Pre-maintanence is the best habit you can get into to maintian a reliable ride.
  15. 69 capecod, where about do you live? i'm from wareham

  16. Awww, c'mon Pak; you didn't know where I live - even after my offering to take the winner of Hop's infamous thumb-wrestling contest out into the Sonora Desert to see how tough that winner really was? :p When I'm not doing laps in the Jacuzzi (dodging blue hair-balls that 65stanger has hacked up), I live deep in the southwestern corner of AZ. We have the widest beach in the world - so large, in fact, that two California counties and the entire city of San Diego fit between the start of our beach and the Pacific Ocean. And yes, it's 98.7% sand - the stuff that people with little money and less brains use to remove paint from metal before they lay down a skim coat of Bondo or resin in order to get a reasonably smooth surface! When the wind blows hard enough to pick up the sand; you get a brown blizzard!

    As far as the effects of our relative climates on classic cars; I refer you to the last line of my previous post:

    EDIT: Slipping a little off-topic here.... I did not realize that not all 69's came with the side scoops below the rear quarter-windows. Bummer; I always thought those scoops were the best feature of that bodystyle.
  17. Ummmmm.........your "beach" doesn't really count, because it doesn't directly abut the Pacific Ocean, you've got those two little CA counties and a sandy eggo in the way.................

  18. :damnit: Freakin' Czechslofornia sticks it to the Grand Canyon State again! :fuss:
  19. My car came with the scoop, it was part of the "Sports Appearance Group" package. Mine had no tape stripe and their were 20,183 with the package and no tape option. Maybe someone could give us a figure on the "with tape" option. But like many others have stated i recommend you get a marti report from

    A Total 299,824 produced in 1969. More info here:

  20. You're right, I should of recalled the thumb war days, lol. :doh:

    As for the scoops, yeah, sad but true. : Only the Sportsroof (fastback) except the boss 302 model has it. I don't know what that reversed facing what the hell was Ford thinking scoop they stuck on the coupes and verts was all about at all. Obviously it was the first year to make the leap to chase current trends by eliminating and inverting the side sculpture so reconizable as Mustang, but I see no logic to facing the scoop backwards except that maybe they saw the 69' Camaro design and felt they needed it. Shelby had a better solution for the vert which I plan to add at my next repaint. :shrug: By 70' they deleted them all anyway for a more performance image (like the Boss I assume), but the 69' fastback scoop is arguably one of the coolest ever and yet, it's all alone in the crowd as a one of item. Go figure.

    Here's a quickie photo chop I did years ago just to see what it would have looked like. Unfortunately though I have been told that this would be impossible to do on a vert.