Help with a question on a 69 Mustang coupe

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  1. Well..........SHOW US!
  2. hey pak, my car is presently being fitted with the shelby vert scoops and being prepped for paint. when i get it out of the paint shop i''l be sure to post lots of pics so you can get an idea what the vert will look like with them. one thing i do have to say about the scoops though is that they are not really a true bolt on, you actually have to drill new holes for the side scoops, at leats the ones from cal-mustang anyway can't comment on the ones from mustangs unlimited since they were out of stock and had no idea when they were going to get more of them.
  3. Yeah, I've heard that only the Cobranda ones are a direct bolt on, not sure though. Should look sweet, can't wait to see it.

    Oh come on, you know what they look like, sheeesh. OK, here's a car that mine might end up looking a bit like when I'm done re-inventing, but who knows really. (lo quality for posting :mad: )


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