help with amp......please!!!

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  1. alright i've decided it is best to get an amp to make the sound better (until i get a sub or 2...or 3) so now i need to know the little things.........i want a good quality amp thats 4 channels. i THINK i need 100watts rms from every channel. my front 6 1/2 handle 75 rms and back 6x8 handle 100 rms. so would it hurt to just step up to 100rms from every channel? i dont want to damage the speakers by putting TOO much. now what brand amp.....any sort of specifics things i need? like new wire what gauge? brand? do i need a new alternator, battery, or any other accessory for the amp? also where should i mount the amp since its powering front and back speakers......under the seat? behind the back?
  2. If you don't exceed the recommended RMS rating by too much, you'd have less chance of blowing them by underpowering them. If you're just looking for a decent, budget amp, then soundstream's edge series are on sale at This one should be fine for what you want.

    You'll need to run new speaker wires, 14 ga. should be fine. Also, you'll need to get an amp kit, which includes the power, remote, ground, RCA's, etc. You won't need an alternator, and your battery should be fine. You can mount it anywhere where it has room, won't get wet, and has enough clearance to dissipate the heat from it.
  3. hey thanks for the help bbrinks, but is that a good quality amp? i'm obviously a newbie and i'm guessing kicker is a really good quality so is this one as well? btw what ohm load should i use? 4ohm 2ohm and why does it matter which one i use? thanks alot
  4. The ohm load depence on the impedence of the speaker. If you run all those speakers on each there own channel output on the amp, they will run at 4 ohms. However, if you ran two speaker off of one channel, the impendence would drop down to 2 ohms. That that you should run front and rear spakers on the same channel at all. Hope that helps.
  5. Sorry I meant to say that you should not really run front and rear speakers off the same channel.
  6. hey thanks alot ponycrazy, but now another question is it better to go with 2 or 4 channel amp to power 4 speakers? and if you would, give me some nice quality amp choices. thanks alot
  7. Some "nice quality" is a very wide range of amps. If I were you I would goto and read about the amps and go buy it from somewhere else (cheaper).

    I bought Profile Clarius 75x4 @4ohm it is supposed to be a best for the money you pay kind of amp. I am still to install it tho.
  8. For what you're wanting, those Soundstream amps that BBrinks linked you to would be perfect, IMO. I haven't heard anything but positives from the people that have them, and they're cheap power. I'm picking one up here in a couple days.

  9. well now something else i found: on the box the infinities came out of it says: impedance: 4 does that mean i should only run the speakers at 4 ohms? btw i think i'm giong with the soundstream amp it has good reviews on a few sites i checked out but i should probably get an amp kit instead of buying things seperately correct? maybe i could get one from like streetwires or something?
  10. Well, since the speakers are 4 ohm, you'd be running a 4ohm load per channel on the amp. The soundstream amps are great quality, and would be perfect for your application. If you want to run fronts off an amp, you want to run one per channel, so it's still in stereo, not in mono.

    You can buy the amp kit from wal-mart. It's actually a decent set, and only $25 and if you decide to add an amp later for a sub, it comes with a distro. block.
  11. Get a nice 1000 Watt Rockford Fosgate Power Amp [​IMG]
  12. For a pair of 6.5's and 6x8's?
    ............. :rlaugh:


  13. Did you decide on an amp yet?
  14. Soundstream? I would look else where that 80 watts is more like 35 atts. That amp and that company runny dirty numbers fellas. If you want some thing that will last andsound great go with an alpine, pioneer, RF or an MTX spend the extra 100 bucks and get some quality. You need to run atleast 4 gauge wire I wuld recomend a 2 my slef. save time and run the speaker wires from behind the dash to the trunk where you wount that amp. this will save you a lot of time. but remember don't run the speaker wires right next to the power wires to the back of the amp
  15. Spend the $$ for a JL 500/5 if you can. you'll save in the end b/c you can run the speakers you have now and a sub later. You'll only have to install 1 amp. Make sure all 4 channels are the same impedance. If they are different you can change the way you wire them ie. series/parallel. Or, "bass blockers" also raise the Ohm load. JL amps are nearly indestructable and have all the features like C/over, circuit protection and they just plain ROCK!
  16. If you want to spend $600, then by all means, go for the JL. I could also recommend a PPI-PCX480, a PG 600.4, avionixx 440.4, TRU T-4100 v2, ARC CXL 4150, among others. MTX, alpine, and RF make nice amps, I know because my MTX was underrated by about 50%. But depending on his budget, he might not want to spend $300 for an amp. I'd just stick with the Soundstream, you'll be satisfied with it.

    Also, just to clarify, it doesn't matter if the rear channels are running 2 ohm/channel, and the fronts are 4 ohm/channel. Also, bass blockers are are mostly simple non-polarized caps , and they don't raise the impedance. He wouldn't need one anyway, since the amp has a HPF.
  17. You might want to look at a U.S. Acoustics amp, they are as good as amps twice their cost, and they are underrated.
  18. I agree about US Acoustics. I don't know how much they are underrated, but they'll put out their rated power. had a big sale on them a while ago, but they don't much, anymore. This one: would be another one to look at. I'd still get the soundstream, but US Acoustic amps are still a great value.
  19. I have a Audiobahn A6004t which is 600watts, it's does it's job and looks good to go also. Tinkertrain, you should probably mount it in the back and not under the seats, because you want it to get good airflow cause amps heat up pretty good. Remember i have the same speakers kappas as you. My sub already has a built in amp, so the setup looks and sounds very sweet.