help with amp......please!!!

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  1. hey thanks alot for all the info. i think i am gonna just get a 4 channel amp and run the speakers off that for now because eventually i want 2 subs in the hatch. and i think since i'm really concerned with high quality that i'll wait till i get some more cash and go with some of those good brands you all told me about. thanks for all the help and if you've got any more good info for me send away!!
  2. Also, just to clarify, it doesn't matter if the rear channels are running 2 ohm/channel, and the fronts are 4 ohm/channel. Also, bass blockers are are mostly simple non-polarized caps , and they don't raise the impedance. He wouldn't need one anyway, since the amp has a HPF.[/QUOTE]

    The JL amps only work to their full potential whene the ohm loads are equal b/c of the constant power (or whatever they call it) circuits. They put out the same amount of watts @ any ohm load.
  3. If you're talking about the R.I.P.S., like you said, it makes the same amount of power from 1.5-4ohms, because it has a regulated power supply. It doesn't mean that the front and back speakers have to all be 4ohm speakers, though. If you run 4 ohm speakers in the front, you still get 100w per channel, same thing if you ran 2 ohm speakers, like you said, it doesn't matter the impedance, you still get the same amount of power, therefore running the amp at 2ohms/channel wouldn't get anymore output like it would with conventional amps. If you run 4 ohm in the front, and 2 ohm in the back, the fronts still get 100w per channel, and the back get 25w per channel, the front speaker impedance has no effect on the rear channel output.