Help With Front End Question?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I just got new tires on my '07 GT/CS 'Vert and noticed some front end wobble at 55-70 or so.
    Took it back in and they rebalanced both fronts. I saw the readouts. Looked fine.
    Back on the road and it is the same. Took it back and the guy says "come here and look" and he wiggles the wheel back and forth from 9 and 3 o'clock. He said "tie rods" and sent me on my way.

    Is that legit? I thought bent or worn tie rods would make the car hard to handle at any speed and clunk over bumps. I have neither of those happening, but it SUUUUURE "feels like" bad balance.

    What do y'all think?
  2. Yes, tie rod ends can let the wheels wobble if worn badly. A lot of factors, including balance can play into it.

    Did they balance statically adding weights to both inside and outside lips or dynamically using weights on only one lip or stick on weights at or near center. Wheel / tires can be perfectly balanced statically and still be way off dynamically. Any play in tie rod ends will allow dynamic imbalance to really show it's a55 and the result is wheel shake.
  3. Thanks!

    The weights are only on the inside (thank god) I think CS wheels would look really crappy with weights on the outside too.
    So ... I take your answer to mean it DOES sound like the tie rod. I guess I need to get my guy to check them out ASAP.

  4. If you have looseness in tie rod ends, you should get it checked soon. Understand however, these cars have wide tires and wheels and putting all the weights on the inside might balance a tire statically as if it were on a bubble balance or spun on a solid axle, there can still be one or more with a big dynamic imbalance like if those weights on the inside are counterbalancing a heavy spot on the opposite side of the wheel on the outside. In other words, the wheel / tire wants to rotate in a wobble.

    While loose tie rods ends will agrevate it for the driver, you may also need to rebalance using stick on weights near the wheel center line as a preferred method to all weights on inside lip.

    Look at these links:
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  5. Yes, I was just reading about road force balancing being the way to REALLY diagnose it, if it is the tire/wheel(s).
    It stands to reason there is a difference between how it balances spinning at low speed with no load and at high speed with force applied against the tire.
    It will cost though, because my guys don't have the equipment.
  6. Being as the car is an 07 and, depending on the mileage and road conditions, you probably just need new inner and/or outer tie rods.
  7. Just got back from my guys and it is just the tie rod ends, but of course that will also require a new alignment.
    Oh well, $300 is not too terrible I guess.

    Of course he also pointed out the serpentine is due, with 80K on the car now.
    Still loving this car though!
  8. Good to hear you got the problem figured out, and even better to know you still love the car after 80k!