Fuel help with fuel pump/injector upgrade

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  1. i have a n/a 347 stroker fuel inkected 94 gt 5 speed. its still running stock fuel pump and injectors. i wanna run e85 soon and ive been told that you need a bigger fuel pump and injectors. would an aeromotive stealth 340 and some 30# injectors be ok. it has a wet nitrous system from zex halfway installed but i need to finish it so i definately need to upgrade the fuel system.
  2. Well the 340lph should work.
    Why not go bigger on the injectors? Say 39lb or 42lb or even bigger.
    With a 347ci and squeeze you are going to need a tune anyways.
    Might as well go big with the injectors.
    I'd ask the people you plan to have tune your car what they would recommend.
    If you are tuning yourself then I'd would go at least 42lb injectors.
  3. ive always used twEECer on my sn95's i have owned. ive done pretty good on tunes but this is the first time ive used nitrous so im using a shop that deals with my system. i bought some 42lb injectors and the aeromotive pump now just gotta get the nitrous kit finished up.
  4. man i'd call anderson motorsports, the guy's name is Rick i think (not Rick Anderson), he's the tuner in the shop. Plus i thought that if you plan on running E85, you need to upgrade your fuel lines as well because it is corrosive or something. i am by no means an E85 expert, but looking for advice on injector/pump selection from a forums website is not a good idea.

    +1 to what JJ said......

  5. i already upgraded all the lines a while back when onehad a whole in it so i upgraded all the lines
  6. just an update but i decided to go with a new fuel rail also and a new regulator from aeromotive