Help with Lugnuts!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fastfive0, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Guys I have a dilemma. I'm trying to get a set of aftermarket lug nuts off my wheels on my Talon. I dont have the special key for them so im kinda screwed. I cant get a socket between the lug nut and the wheel either. How can I get these off??
  2. are the lugnuts "tuner" lugnuts? either way, a wheel/tire place should be able to get them off
  3. I had the same exact problem with my mustang. Except my lug lock broke when i was changing them. Your going to have to take it to a tire/wheel shop and tell them to break them off. I had to pay those ****ers $100 bucks to do it. I was pissed, but im enjoying my saleen wheels now.
  4. what you can do is just take a little bigger impact socket, and hammer it on there as hard as you can and then impact it off.
  5. Assuming you don't need the lugnuts, take a 4 in angle grinder, a die grinder, or dremel, and grind a couple flats or a hex on the nuts that you can get a socket or wrench or vicegrips on, or a slot for a screwdriver type tool. The grinder will eventually grind into even hardened nuts, where a drill will probably not work well. Lacking access for grinding a hex or flats, weld a bolt head on them and take them off with a wrench that way. The tire stores usually hammer a smaller socket on them.
  6. I had the Factory ones on my last Stang, I didnt have the key so the dealership I worked for Used a ImPact Socket Tool...and got them off...took awhile though since after every nut off they had to use a chizel to nock the nut off...