Help with mass air meter

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Lynx331, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Hey guys i need a mass air meter calibrated for 24# injectors... im just unsure if i should go with granatellli or C&L CL is a lot cheaper but i kno that the granatelli is a good meter.... any opinions? Should i not cheap out and just buy the granatelli?
  2. pro-m.......... ppl still sell them. i believe they are going back in business, correct me if i'm wrong.

    c&l isnt that bad and i really havent heard anything about granatelli.
  3. also carries the pro-m.its like stock 92 gt said pro-m is the best on the market,cant go wrong.
  4. no problems with the c&l here
  5. another thing about the c&l is that if you ever wanted to change injectors all you need to do is change the calibration tube. with the other ones you would need to send it to get recalibrated.
  6. A word of caution when using C&L. I speak from experience. I had a 73mm with the stock air box, (like C&L recommends). It worked great with the 19# cal. and mostly stock setup. Switched to 24# with a few more mods, (heads ans intake), and started to get a little bit of a surge. I installed a TFS stage 1 cam along with some 30# ers, and the C&L could not handle it. I switched back to the stock injectors and MAF to see it that helped, and it ran perfect, no surging or stalling. My Pro-M 80mm cal. for 30# should be here Tuesday. Just my .02.
  7. problem with the C&L is that it uses the stock electronics which yeah its great and cheap but if u have alot of mods done you should definetly go with PROM.. i used to have C&L.. i had a s/c 14pounds and it was burning rich, which is good cause u dnont wanna go lean... plus i had a PMS from anderson ford motorsport and the PMS hated the C&L just because it wasnt very accurate, actually as long as i had the C&L i could not tune my car with the PMS... so i bought a PROM and i was very satisfied, like 94opalgt said "cant go wrong" with PROM.. yeah its more expensive but you know: "you get what you pay for"... so if you have coupld of things done to the engine C&L... i was reading somewhere that if u have a cold air intake it wont work that great.. aparently something to do with the air velocity, turbulence.. something.... good luck
  8. GMS and Pro-M meters are basically the same thing. If you go with a C&L make sure there is 6" of straight pipe before it.
  9. yeah your right..

    i think PROM is goin to help you but i dont think the stock EEC cen keep up with all the stuff that youve done... btw it probably idles like crap when its cold, how does it idle when its warm?same? look in my sign i used to have E303 cam, now F303 and when car was cold it would idle but not that great, when its hot it purrs and whisles :D probably need a chip burned... good luck
  10. c&l just tricks yout computer and the pro-m is a real mass air. go with pro-m
  11. Pro-M is the only way to go. Very satisfied. If $ is an issue, check out the classifieds on
  12. Where can i get a granatelli meter? Everywhere is backordered jegs summit etc. Where else is there to buy one from? Except from Granatelli them selves for 409$??? Thanks guys