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  1. So last November I bought an MSD pro billet distributor for my '90 lx without doing any homework and as you all know that was a BIG MISTAKE!!! :doh:
    So fast forward to 9 months later I'm recently tracing down a RPM sputter around 2500-3000 rpm. So now that I've done a lot of fuel testing and it has no fuel psi loss or drop, new fuel filter etc.
    I've concluded that this is probably my problematic part after reading tons of MSD problems in recent years. I don't have any spare parts to throw on it and check the TFI or a stock dizzy to test, but as of right now I still have 3 months left on my warranty at Summit Racing.
    So with my receipt in hand with invoice number etc, I call the guy in customer service and explain to him my problem and how I cannot rev it over 2500 rpms before it skips. It starts fine, idles fine, purrs like a kitten etc , ...I even swapped out my TPS last night cause I was like, maybe it's a voltage % issue with the pedal pressing down. NOPE still there. TPS was really old and giving a a high idle a few times so it needed to be replaced. I even moved the TPS wires once when it started to idle high and it dropped back down after wiggling it, so I'm not out any money, that was coming anyways.

    So he says "Bring the MSD in and we'll swap it out. Then he says, "Nope looks like they're ALL on back order for weeks from people sending them back and they have none left in the warehouse!!!":riot:
    So by this time I'm pretty confident this is in fact my problem.
    Then he says "Well, we do have the Summit pro billet etc, you can bring it in and swap it out for that one and we'll refund you the difference." :nice: He even authorized a code for me to show them when I arrived to enforce this swap under warranty.
    (we will revisit this customer service but so far so good for Summit!!)

    So regardless of this actually being my problem(99% sure though) or a FUTURE :eek: problem soon to be,
    I believe this is my way out of this MSD problematic arena!! Only question is,
    should I tell them I want another brand or take the Summit (Part Number: SUM-850411) ?? I was thinking of using the $$$ difference to snag up a motorcraft/delphi ignition module and save the distributor one for a back up. Darn MSD was $270 so I gotta have a little wiggle room. I will have to use whatever brands they carry for the swap.
    HELP tell me your thoughts on these distributors, please advice my warranty!!!!! :flag:
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  2. Try getting your money back or getting them to source a remanufactured Ford distributor and a store credit for the difference.
  3. Is that a dealership only or does any known store carry them??

    Edit: seen mustangs unlimited has them.
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  4. Try to get a refund. I tried a cheap parts store replacement that almost cost me my new motor last year. I went with a Performance Distributors and it cleared up a rich idle condition I was having with my stock 150K mile distributor. I went with them since you can't get new FOMOCO distributors anymore.
  5. I run a factory Ford distributor in my car, works well for me. However it rarely ( if ever goes over 6k)
  6. X3.. get your money back on that POS MSD distributor and get a reman FOMOCO unit. Hell, I'd buy a used stock one from a junkyard or Ebay and take my chances before a MSD one.
  7. Do you hear sad music? A bugle playing Taps? Is there a long black Cadillac station wagon parked in your driveway? It's for the May Suddenly Die distributor: bury it with suitable honors...
  8. My MSD Pro Billet Distributor had the TFI crap out on it just a month after I installed it. MSD did replace it for me, but I don't trust it. I replaced it with a Motorcraft one and have been (so far) problem free with the rest of the distributor.
  9. I'm headed to my mechanics shop on Wed morning to see what parts are around his shop. He did the custom chip tune also so we'll really see whats going on soon. May get a deal on something and sell the warrenty swap. Last time at his shop I got barely used and shiny 3 chamber flows with heat shield for my DD for $75. Helped my in the city parking deck entrace sh!at storm a ton, ...hahahahaa!!!
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  10. Trade that pos MSD unit in on a stock one. I have 3 msd and 1 Fast distributer sitting in a box in my garage if it's any indication on quality. The only reason the MSD i have for mine now is worth keeping is the hours spend on the lathe re machining the shaft and fabricating/installing an adjustable slip collar reluctor.
  11. Ok fellow pony's, I'm back from a day at the mechanics shop and here's what went down.:pop:

    He had a Ford distributor that he sold to me for $100 and it had the Motorcraft TFI.
    Slapped it in there and work like a charm. No break ups in RPM band, with or without all accessories on full blast.
    So the 3G alternator and wiring that I freshly installed was good.:nice:
    This was a worrisome part for me because this RPM breakdown (actual sputtering and hesitation with rpm and motor) all started when I installed a bigger alternator.
    *BUT before the swap, there had been a previous symptom of rpm fluctuation (with no actual rev in motor) when I had two or more accessories on, lights, a/c, heat, using power windows, radio etc, .....which I've been trying to trace down for a while.

    we unhooked the D plug in the alternator and ran it off the battery and no break up in ACTUAL rpms and motor firing, perfect. However the RPMs (with no actual motor rev) just gauge still jumped around when we turned on 2 or more accessories. It would even gauge rev(not actual motor rev) to 5000 - 6000 rpms when we turned the car on with A/C on. :doh:

    Then the used Ford dizzy went in and EVERYTHING cleared up. ALL the accessories fluctuations in the RPM gauge and the actual RPM rev when pressing the throttle!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    So that ACTUALLY means, when I got my car back from the shop when it was being restored 7 months ago.
    I drove off and when I turned on the 2 or more accessories it did it then,
    right when the MSD came OUT OF THE BOX!!!!!!!!!:riot::riot::riot::riot:

    So to everyone above YOU are absolutely correct, "STAY AWAY" from BAD production MSD's!!!!!

    ****side note: The Ford distributor had part number "E6SF - 12A297 - A2A 7P02B" for the TFI
    is that for an Auto or Manual not sure if that matters, just seen parts listing that option??? :shrug:
    My car is a manual and it's running like a scalded dog with this one anyways.:ferry:
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  12. At Summit and they honored the warranty, got ALL my cash back $281.00 .....BOOM!!! Great job Summit:nice:

  13. Good for you. Now you know why the classifieds are loaded with MSD boxes, distributors for sale. :rolleyes:
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  14. Is it just the efi distributors that have problems? I haven't had an issue yet with my 6al and pro billet
  15. Apparently from what I've read it's the heat with the 6al, they need to be in the cabin and from shock. That's just what I've read. But from my distributor out of the box issue, that's just ridiculous poor workmanship. Someone's getting a fat wallet with poor quality work and it's on a major scale. Summit's HUGE store here in Atlanta is completely out of them from back order replacements and has to be one of the biggest red flags I've ever seen!!! I've heard the early models are good but I'm not gonna chance that again. I got out by the skin of my teeth. Praise God I didn't break down, that electrical fluctuation in rpm with accessories scared me and I'm glad my computer didn't go out the door with my chip tune.
  16. I hear happy music playing now...

    Throw a flower on the MSD's grave for all of us...
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  17. YOU got that right, wasn't afraid to turn on some amp accessories and rock out as I drove off the parking lot of Summit!!!
  18. All you need to do is Google "msd sucks" :rlaugh:
  19. Holy Crap, I just did!!!! Hahahahaa damnitt man, freakin' disease :flame: