Help with Panasports for Mustang II

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  1. I have read the other threads (especially the wheel/tire combo thread) , but still have some questions regarding what I can fit to my 4-lug wheels. From what I understand, the original 13 x 6 Mustang II wheels were 4 x 108 lug pattern, 3.75 backspace, and .39 (10mm offset). I want to fit some Panasport wheels that are 14 x 6, 4 x 108 lug pattern, 4" backspace, and 16mm offset. Would these wheels work without having to use spacers (which seem to be right expensive)? Has anyone fitted any other Mini-lite, or Rota RB-type wheels that look similar on your Mustang II? I appreciate your help.
  2. I would love to help you with this question, but I don't have first hand information. I did find a picture of a II with them on it a while back though. I would like to get some for mine, but the last time I searched (was quite a while ago now) I couldn't find any in the size I wanted. I think they look sharp on a II though!! Someone else can correct me if I am wrong on this, but I think they would work. They will probably be tucked in just a little more than stock, so you may have to double check clearances to be on the safe side. View attachment 279988
  3. I chickened out at the last minute getting Panasports for my II. The off-set was not quite right, and I was concerned the fronts may not clear the hub and calipers. I considered shipping them a brake rotor, but what about the brake caliper?? and control arm clearances. You can measure until your blue in the face, but the only way to know for sure would be to try one. Nobody local had one in stock for me to test fit so I gave up.

    The car in the photo (with the Panasports) has been converted to five bolt! That would be a nice safe bet, because Anything that fits a 60's Mustang will fit a II converted to five bolt.(Panasport and Minilight have a confirmed fitment for early Mustang 5 bolt cars). I did the very popular Granada / GM metric caliper swap at the front and re-drilled the rear axles. (Magnum 500's 14x7's with 225/60/14 front an245/60/14 rear)

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  4. Another possibility is to look for a wheel dealer that can sell you the Panasports and that also has good wheel installation measurement tools.

    Some measurement tools:

    Percy's WheelRite:'s/761153/10002/-1

    List of calculators:

    The most definitive way would be to get a scale drawing of the cross-section of the specific wheel, make a scale copy of the cross-section of the wheel in thin plywood or foam board, then lay it on the hub and rotate to check clearances. The Percy's tool approximates this. But you will at least need some detailed measurements of the wheel from Panasports.

    If you use the wheel/tire industry "Plus 1", "Plus 2", etc. standard, a V8 MII with the factory 13x5.5 wheels and 70 series tires would run 14" wheels and 60 series tires in the "Plus 1" standard or 15" wheels and 50 series tires in the "Plus 2" standard.

    Your choice of which tire and wheel size to use should be influenced by your plans for the car. Cruising and drag racing would indicate 60 series tires, while road racing would indicate 50 or 40 series tires, plus a larger wheel to accomodate larger brake discs.

    I found an old set of 15x7 Enkei 92 clones (Fox-sized 12mm offset) that I plan to run 50 series tires on. The question yet to be answered is whether I can run 225 width all around or if I will need 205's in the front, and whether I will need spacers. Since I already have the wheels, I can mount one to check caliper and ball joint clearance, then approximate tire section with a piece of foam board.

    If you are buying something pricey like Panasports, then the ~ $90 price of the Percy's tool might be worthwile.

    To paraphrase Norm on "This Old House", 'measure twice, purchase once'. :)
  5. Yes, I am a little worried about ordering something without being able to test-fit it. I did find a company that is very helpful-- Superlite USA (you can Google it) is the US distributor of the Superlite wheels, which are a panasport/minilite type wheel. He even offered to drill a blank wheel for the 4x108 lug pattern we use. Plus, they can do an offset that is very close to our original.