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  1. Hi, im new to this site (first post). Basically i have a simple question. I am just wondering if a 2001 mustang (no gt) in perfect condition with 16,500 miles (roughly) is worth 10,900? Also if this is a good price, what could i get on a resell if i did that?

    Thanks for the help

    p.s. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, i didnt know where to go.
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    I paid 10,800 for my 1999 V6 with 54K miles on it in June. Resale will suck, but that looks like a good deal to me.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Anyone else have any comments?

  4. if the car is mint its a good deal. I paid 13,500 for my car new in june of 01 :) resale sux horrid.... but those miles are great. you should REALLY look it over make srue they actually cleaned it no bug (permenant bug) markings and what not on it.
  5. I would run some reports for you to get an answer, but there are too many variables to get an accurate report.

    Is it auto or manual? What options? Where are you located? Is it a private party sale or from a dealer?

    You can try or for a rough answer. Take those with a grain of salt.

    You can also look on and search for 2001 Mustangs in your area for a comparison. (use the advanced search) You will get dealer and private listings there.

    Rough SWAG at it shows like it is a decent deal.