help with remove pip sensor

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by sleeper95, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. hey guys thanks agian about helping me with my stalling pronlem and saying its the pip sensor.. but i tried to get that part at all auto parts stores and they said they dont know of a pip sensor...

    also if you guys can send me a link of how to remove that i will greatly appreciate it:nice:
  2. depending on the auto parts store they could name it different things, but the part you are looking for will either be called a pickup coil (autozone), or a stator (most other places) This part sits inside of the distributor housing. hope this helps.
  3. I got mine from advanced auto parts, they called it the stator tell them its the pickup inside the distributor. I found changing it was kinda a PITA i marked my position on the distributor and on the block so i could get it kinda in the right position when i put it back. first you need to loosen the bolt at the botom of the distributor then pull it out of the block. You are going to have to press the pin out of the gear on the end of the distributor shaft and there is another pin that will need to be removed on the part above it, you cant miss it. after you have those two off you need to pull the shaft out the top of the distributor. after that its straight forward, reassembly is just the opposite.