Help with sound system!!!

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  1. Hello all...

    I recently got my drivers license and as a huge surprise, the 1998 white mustang convertible was somewhat handed over to me from my family. My whole life I had been dreaming of driving it, and now I am every day! But of course, now I want more...

    My dad will not let me get subs in the car since it is still technically his, but he will let me get a new deck or aftermarket speakers. For the 1998 convertible mustang, what are my options to get the best possible bass without a sub and around what price would it be????

    Thanks so much for any help!
  2. Well, getting that pounding that makes people turn their head and look, you won't get much out of just speakers.

    Going with just speakers, and getting a really good sound to it just depends on what brand you buy and how you have your tune. I am a Kicker guy myself. They sound amazing. I don't have subs in my car yet since it's new, but I did put in speakers and head unit.

    I put in Kicker speakers, they have very good sound quality imo. I have had them for a week, and they are sounding great. As for the head unit, I went with a $120 JVC Bluetooth. Kinda hard to grasp the fine tuning points of the equalizer, but all around a very good unit.

    The best place to search for anything audio is Crutchfield. Take look at the prices there. Then if you find something you like, give them a call. Trust me, these guys at Crutchfield know their stuff. They will also point you in the direction of what other stuff you will need to do the install. They may have deals where you get the installation gear for free, or reduced price. I just bought my gear a week ago and they gave all necessary install gear for free. The deal may be still going on.

    Also, if you plan on doing the install yourself Crutchfield sends very detailed pictures, with step-by-step instructions of how to do the install. If you run into install problems they have a tech number you can call, and they will tell you pretty much anything, and everything you need to know.

    I hope I was some assistance, and if I was wrong in any aspect let me know for future knowledge.
  3. To get a real full sound you need a sub. A modest 10" will do and it makes everything feel and sound so much more real. With a headunit you can control how much basd there is. The mile radius shakibg subs are a misconception. Maybe bring him to the audio shop and have him talk to the guy about it and have him realize bass is a good thing. The only concern is trunk space really.
    A solid head unit and sub all tuned up right will be the biggest improvement. After that speakers make a difference but then you do want the right amp to powrr it all and sound right.
  4. At the risk of sounding the ass....

    Were I you, I would concentrate more on learning to drive the car than I would on the stereo and head unit. Figure out what it takes to keep the shiny of the vehicle on top, driving between the lines, and how to use the gas pedal as something more than an on/off switch.

    Just what every new driver needs is a powered sub-woofer to help heighten your situational awareness in traffic.

    As for the car itself... Here comes it's first wiring hack-job.
  5. look at the basslink awesome sound and nice and small