Help With Source Of Water Leak (timing Gasket Or Pump) Pics


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Jun 6, 2016
Hello all
I'm Ivan & have a 04 GT 5 speed with 144k miles on it . Got it w just 46k about 5 years ago ! Anyways here to seek help on water leak

I noticed recently a few days ago that my temp was running a lot hotter than usual . Instead of the needle being in the typical 1/2 way mark it was getting up to 3/4 before cooling back down . Found out that the amount of water I had in the coolant tank was very low . Eventually filled with water and coolant .

Later found out tho that it's leaking and I'm having to refill the reservoir every day . The leak is happening right underneath the middle of the harmonic balancer . From doing a search on all this the leak seems to be from either the timing cover gasket or the water pump . I've also noticed a dried-out leak from the weep-hole? on top of the watee pump. I'm attaching some pics to give an idea . Anybody have a clue to what it could be?

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Az Pete

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Mar 30, 2005
Panama City, Fl.
A typical leak area on these is the thermostat housing gasket but if the water pump weep hole shows evidence of leaking, I would be planing on replacing it, and checking other areas while in there.