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Oct 21, 2017
Ok so this is a pretty dumb question, (maybe) but i'm not experienced with electrical, stereo system stuff. Just stuff under the hood. My original radio in my 1995 GT broke. Now I like to keep my cars original, so I went on ebay to find an original ford cassette stereo that matches my car. I found 2 listings. There was a listing titled something like "Original 1995 Mustang stereo cassette player" And it was 120$. Then I found a listing titled "Original 1995 Ford Contour stereo cassette player" And that was only 40$. And the stereo looked exactly the same as the Mustang radio. Same buttons, it had the Dolby enhancement to get rid of static, and it didn't have the clock. The contour one they were selling was identical looking to the Mustang. So without asking any questions I bought it thinking "Why wouldn't it work?" But now after I bought it and the seller doesnt accept returns, I am asking the question now. Will that 1995 Ford Contour radio that is identical looking to my Mustang one work with my Mustang?


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Jan 8, 2006
It shouldn’t be too hard. car companies tend to keep connectors on stuff like that the same for the most part. Makes things easier, logistically. When shopping for adapter harnesses to plug into the factory harness when installing an aftermarket head unit, they usually work for a very large number of year models.


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Aug 11, 2013
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It might work just fine, best of luck! If you have the Mach 460 sound system (most GT's) then it has external amps that require a pre-amp output. I know nothing about the Contour but my only fear would be that a "Premium Sound" stereo is outputting an amplified signal and (even if it plugs in) might not work. You could bypass the amps in that case, or get a unit that reduces the amplified output to pre-amp (I had one in the mid-90's since most aftermarket radios back then didn't output pre-amp) but it might be a bit of a hassle. Here's hoping what you bought matches what you have!

I understand keeping cars original, but the SN95 doesn't appear to want to become collectible anytime soon. If it ever does mine sure as heck won't be. :) A nice Bluetooth head unit can be had for $50 these days. Just sayin'.

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