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  1. I hate my car. It doesnt want to crank. I replaced teh starter selenoid, battery, and i had teh starter tested and it works. I turn the key and nothing. My friend says that it is the nuetral interlock switch that is connected to the transmission. I have wires hanging on the underside of the car at the tranny. There are no connections that fit in the transmission. There is one cord comming of the top of the tranny and a nub type thing with two dimples on it. I have cords that are hanging but none of them are compatible with what is attached to the tranny. Checked all fuses that they are fine. Tried to bypass the ignition and arch the selenoid. Now i have no power to the car at all. All fuses are okay. Help me understand why my car hates me.
  2. Yea that plug on your trans is just a nuetral drive switch. If it is unplugged it will still start. Are you getting power? Also when did it start, was you replacing something or did it just start doing it one day?
  3. how do i unplug the nutral safety switch? is there a way i can make it not work?
  4. my question with that is that there is no wire harness hanging underneath the car that is compatable with the nuetral saftey switch. I bought the car not running. It had the tranny inthe back seat, i rebuit it and cant find a home for the harness. All the other starting wiring looks okay. Thanks
  5. Did you try looking it up in a manual?
  6. good call, im a little slow sometimes
  7. Hey no problem so am i sometimes. :nice:
  8. Haynes manual says for manual check the clutch interlock switch. IT doesnt say where it is located. Has anyone changed this out if there car or had one go or ever heard of it before. IT says the nuetral interlock switch is for automatic tranny's. Thanks
  9. Well i know there is a nutral safety switch..somethig i would like to disapple.
  10. forgot to say if it was your nutral safety switch it wouldnt make the car not start it would just let you start it with out the clutch being in.
  11. Well in that case. There are no wires connected to the tranny, selenoid, battery, and starter are good. COuld it be teh ignition switch?? Or could it be that black cord tath hangs off the tranny? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks guys.
  12. There is a nuetral drive switch on the T-5's. But it would not cause you to have a no start/no crank. It is the top sensor on top of the tranny.
    But if the lower tranny sensor is not plugged in it will not start or crank. I dunno know what it is for but it nneds to be plugged in to crank. At least on my car it needs to be plugged in.