Electrical Help!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by ace940, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. today i replaced my coolant tank on my 94 5.0 with a stainless one and also move the ccrm that is right next to it to a more hidden location. i didnt disconnect the neg battery cable, idk if i should have. well thing is when i first drove it the speedo didnt work or the dome light or the radio or the clock, then when i got to where i was going and started it back up then the tach stops working while its running and so does the batt gauge and my underdash lights. and on the way home the oil press gauge stoped working. any help would be appreciated because this is my daily driver and i dont have another car to drive. i also looked at all of the fuses they all look good but i didnt txt any. does anyone have a diagram of both fuse boxes. thanks
  2. Where is the hidden location that you moved the CCRM to. That box is a critical component and needs a good ground. It contains the PCM relay, rad fan control relays (3 in total), fuel pump relay, A/C clutch control, and other functions as well. You should be able to find the wiring diagrams you need here .
  3. i just moved it to a spot on the pass side next to radiator mounted to the core support i mounted it on a little ghetto homemade bracket im gonna check the ground today. but none of the things that are happening to me seem to be related to the ccrm.
  4. i fixed the problem! i spontaneously burnt all of the fuses that control the dash. i also bolted down the ccrm more solidly. idk if the problems were related to me moving the ccrm without disconnecting the neg terminal but it all worked out in the end.
  5. Not disconnecting the battery negative is something easy to forget to do but it is important as you likely discovered.