1. my 89 5.0 will not go full throttle. Throttle Body is clean enough to open up just wont go past about 2500 rpm. Need some advise on how to fix it cuz i need the speed. Any help works!
  2. pull codes!
  3. run the codes on the car. That should be your first step in diagnosis. Go to the tech archive. All you need is a paper clip and if your car is before 89 a test light. You will run both key on engine off and key on engine running tests.

    It could be a host of different issues . The computer will store any codes and tell you what is not functioning properly.
  4. Same test advanced or an auto store can do pretty much
  5. Okay thanks. From your experience does it sound like exhaust is clogged?
  6. Not likely even if you still have the factory cats on it, but you would smell rotten eggs if it was
  7. Smells weird for sure and only have 2 front cats that are factory no back cats
  8. pull the codes. It will tell you if there's an oxygen sensor issue due to clogged cats
  9. Will do thanks again.