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  1. my 98 gt had been cutting out few times..thought it was a fuel prob..died on me going to work..luckily i work at a dealorship/ a lube tech.NOT a d1 tech but have some common knowledge..did a quick check to see if i was getting fuel..wasnt..put a new fuel pump in..turned out had a blown 20amp fuse..put a new one in today to make it till monday..started car several times was running off work as i was leaving turned on a/c car died..when it did this last time id turned on cruise..ive seen some posts with similiar issues..seems like i need to investigate the module under right fender well???? does anyone know if it controls all the above mentioned or is it sound like a dreaded short???? THAAAANXX!!!!!
  2. The CCRM controls high and low speed radiator fan, fuel pump and A/C clutch.
  3. uuuuugh!!!!! dammit......prob gonna suck finding this short!!!!
  4. I have seen several problems like this and the solution lead to a bad ground to the module.
  6. really appreciate it......bad ground to the ccrm or the fuel pump module itself????
  7. To the CCRM.
  8. appreciate it....ive been searching for ground to u know where that is???? heard ccrm has a diode inside that does go bad sometimes...was told also that fuel pump ground was under back of center console and only ground i found there was on the parking break light...but strange thing happened when i messed with center power locks that have never worked since i bought car started working....dont know what ive done to make them start working....uuuugh..nightmare!!!! my friend who has same car offered to switch ccrm modules to see if it fixed my prob...but would like to check ground first..i know mod. is under fender but does it just have a ground coming out of it??? attatched to body???....appreciate your responses..this is my first stab at electrical prob....
  9. The housing itself serves as a partial ground. The other ground is in the harness.
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  10. uuugh....was able to mess around with it today at work..checking for grounds/shorts....put car in air..gave it hell, ran it in gear..turned steering..turned a/c on and off..turned everything on and off..never blew circuit..but it has always done it going down road..but really thought if it was going to blow it would have today with what i was friend has same vehicle/year same etc...he offered to put his ccrm in mine and drive it and see what happens..what do u think??? this seems like a common prob on 98s but lots of different solutions...uuuuughhh...any more input???? thanx again!!!
  11. oh yeh....theres so many wires to ground just other grounds...