1. Recently my mustang has had some issues. It would start right up if i let it sit over night or for a few hours, but if I go for a cruise or drive around for a while and shut it off. When I go to start it back up it will want to turn over but it won't for about 5 seconds. It finally just went out so I replaced the alternator and it started running again fine. But after I run it for a while it will have a very weak start. Any ideas on how to fix this or what is going wrong?

    1990 5.0 hatchback
    BBK 75mm throttle body
    BBK headers
    K&N intake
    MSD ignition coil
    Mangaflow exhaust with H pipe
  2. did you change the battery?,might have been the battery just not holding a charge?
  3. Check the grounds are clean and tight
    Is it spinning over normally and not slow? if so could be starter heat soak
    When was the fuel filter changed last?
    When did this start? Did you do any mods before this started?
  4. Sounds like a heat soaked started.
  5. No I haven't added anything besides the ignition coil. Appreciate the help thanks guys!
  6. Do you have BBK long tube headers or shorty headers? If you have long tubes then most likely it's heat soak. LRS sells a mini starter that will solve your problems for about $110.