1. Does any know what these codes mean. U1262. J1850 Bus. Also the ECM gets hot like you can't hold your hand on it. Is that normal. It's a 99 mustang GT.
  2. Is the ECM bad is it it supposed to be that hot.
  3. If this were my car I would first rule out all devices connected to the PCM. For example:
    • shorted ignition coil
    • shorted injector
    • shorted sensor
    With a problem in the ignition circuit being top of the list.

    >>From the Ford service manual
    U1262 SCP Communication Bus Fault - Perform Network Communications Test Go to Workshop Manual Section 418-00, Module Communications Network

    The Ford workshop manual has a whole series of pinpoint tests to verify the Module Communication Network. If interested in getting a full set of Ford service manuals and wiring diagrams for your car I maybe able to help. PM if interested.

    Hint. Often problems in the MCP are wiring and ground related. Think back about any recent work done. How about any evidence of water or rodent damage?
  4. It turned out to be a Bad ECM.
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  5. Thank you for telling us. Such knowledge helps others down the road. imp
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  6. Glad you got it figured out, usually not the problem. What are you replacing it with?

  7. Hey man sorry new here not sure how to PM i would love to get my hands on the service manual for my 2000 GT as i sure bought a basket case the more i dig into this thing
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  8. To me, a basket case would be a engine with rod thrown through the side of the block. Any thing less, not a basket case. imp
  9. car was hit hard outside looked good all body lines were good got looking into it she got hit and HARD the rear end was almost torn out as i found out when i went to go do the springs.
  10. In the field of automobile restoration, the term “basket case” means different things to different people. In general, it refers to a car that, no matter how amazing it once was, may be past the point of saving
    In my day it usually meant a car that has been taken apart by someone unable or unwilling to reassemble it,also assemblies like the carburetor(had a lot of Qudrajet's brought into the shop in pieces)that OP try to rebuild and have to give up.
    May mean different things to different people but they are all not good!