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  1. I think if we all pitch in a dollar we can all buy some OEM body panals and bumpers for MustangRay:SNSign:
  2. *******, i have all my stock body parts, but i like my stalker kit! thats the only thing im keeping on it that i have, im getting 18x10, 18x9 Saleens, then full exhaust, etc...but i really do like the kit and its staying..

  3. honestly... it makes me wanna vomit.... Sell the rims and the stalker kit and buy the MM Grip In a Box :nice:
  4. It will look better with 18 inch saleens and lowered an inch...
  5. Sell your kit on ebay and get the saleen kit. You have to agree that would look cooler.
  6. Yea I agree, but after all the time and money I have in it now, not changing it. Maybe just MAYBE a lot later after all my performance is done...
  7. There is a GT in my town that's been on the side of the road for sale. It has the stalker kit and me and my friends laff at it everytime we drive by it. It's been 6+ weeks and it hasn't sold. Wonder why...LOL
  8. My car sat for sale for 3 1/2 months stock before I bought it...
  9. :shrug: You watched your car sit for 3 1/2 months? :shrug:

  10. Yea, my pap or grandma wouldnt stop and one day we decided to and the next day i had it..haha
  11. That Stalker kits not that bad....i've seen much worse. I think once some less blingy wheels are on it will look completely different.
  12. Ray, post of some full pictures of your car.
  13. well see i was gonna get 18x10 and 18x9 saleens...but still chrome...i just love the look of chrome...
  14. :nonono:

    The front bumper is ugly, and what the hell kind of rims are those? Are they even 17"?
  15. [​IMG]

  16. yea theyre 17's...american racing casino's...but they will do until i get enough saved for saleens...wont be long..
  17. Heres my honest opinion on it.

    As it sits right now, the wheels, wing, and ride height throw it off. Wheels are too small and stick inwards too much in the back end, wing too big, and it sits like a small truck, lol.

    But, I think if you put 18" Saleens on there, drop that SOB and lose the wing, or go to a stock wing it would really look mean. And make sure that you get 18x10's for the back and throw a WIDE tire on there so it fills the wheel well, and bumper out.

    Like I said, the only things that are throwing it off are the wing wheels and height... Aside from that, the kit isnt bad. I love the hood, back bumper looks good from the pics, and it takes a few to get used to the front bumper, but again lowered it will look better.

    Edit: Get a grille delete and some headlights without the orange sidemarkers, smoked would look great on there...:nice:
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