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  1. it's about him basing his decision on what we vote. I think he should do what he thinks looks better, not based on what goofballs behind a keyboard decide.

    btw, I'm not behind a keyboard. I'm sending thoughs directly into your minds and making you think that I typed this. :nice:
  2. oh yea I would definately have to do the fogs too..anyone know where theres 3 inch (i think) smoked round fogs? i was thinking i could maybe use that stick on roll window tint stuff...not sure how that would turn out.
  3. Body Kits are BS :nonono:

  4. thats what I told if everyone else gets the hint. :) Although its all in good fun :D . He puts himself out there lol.
  5. wait, so i cant get smoked headlights with clear corners?? like not those projectors but the stock looking headlights? is that illegal?
  6. Everything you say is borderlining on Homo :notnice:
  7. shut the **** up *******

  8. we are just playing dude... this is all in your best interest:nice:
  9. well it seemed like everyone else was joking..but you seemed like u wasnt...but if u r then sorry..:)
  10. Yea, are the clear corners illegal?
  11. you put amber bulbs in them so they are the same looking as stock.
  12. do they come with amber bulbs?
  13. Man, 6 pages of this. I think we are going to have another seafoam thread starting up. :D
  14. you should already have amber bulbs in the stocker you can use

    grille delete
    smoked lights
    chrome saleens & springs

    are your fogs the same size as the 94-98 cobras? i think they make smoked fogs for them
  15. Your car looks good like it is, save some $ for performance mods, no one
    will complain after you blow thier doors off....:D
    Just lower it and get some slightly bigger tires and mayby some wheel
    spacers in the back.
  16. Well done for taking this so well, but honestly your car does need help.

    Chrome projectors are the very last thing your car needs. Go with smoked clear cornered stockers.

    I can handle the hood, BUT the nose piece of your kit is absolutely sickeningly hideous. As a kid did you ever accidentally walk in on your mom getting changed and get totally "grossed-out". That nose has the same effect. :Barf:
    and the wing too.
    and the side scoopage.
    and the wheels.

    And why chrome wheels. Get some silver ones and lower the damn thing. Please put the stock nose on.

    Actually though, isnt it time you gave us an interior shot. :D :D
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