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  1. I don't really have any of my interior. It's just stock dark gray, and I have Steeda Billet stuff inside, like, shifter bezel, shift knob, lighter, headlight switch, cruise control buttons. And I have white face guages. You might as well quit telling me to change any body parts, because I'm not.

    Smoked headlights/clear corners - 4 (looks like they won) just the wheels. I think I'm going with Saleens guys...

    Saleens- 3
  2. Raised shaker????

    Damm, maybe you aren't quite as dumb as you look Einstein, but pretty close I'm sure
  3. hahah he got pissed and said shut the **** up:lol: god thats funny
  4. return the whole car back to stock body with 03 cobra shaved rear bumber, Smoke headlights, wingless.... and black Bullets :nice:

    Stalker kit look slike A$$
  5. ^^^^^ :owned:

    Come back when you have a real car, GT's are a dime a dozen. I know, I had one and got rid of the POS.
  6. your girlfriend liked my gt

  7. I really like my SN95 GT..... Most of all because its now a 4.9 :nice:

  8. O WAIT......i would much rather my dsg gt w/ 18 in deep dishes and sportlines etc.....than ur ugly ass mach 4x4......put some swampers on that **** lets go mud ridin
  9. well there goes this thread
  10. GONE! b/cuz of an imature idiot saying gt's are pos
  11. Little **** got envy, and panties in a wad :lol:
  12. envy lol not even close....ask anybody on these forums whose car they would rather have :D
  13. be serious...we would all take the Mach 1 over the GT.
  14. odviously u have never seen my car in one of my posts......and take a look at his on page 2 or so!

  15. thats fugly.....unless ur into mudboggin
  16. :shrug: a GT with Bullitt wheels :shrug:
    thats i said i'll take a Mach 1 over a GT all day and i bet so will everyone else...your car is nice but be realistic! A Mach is a much better place to start.

  17. yeah machs are sick..... but Real Bullitts looks so damn sexy!!!
  18. ok first of all.........stock for stock i would pick a mach 1....but i am talking about my car over his.......if my car looks as fuggin ugly as his black mach then go ahead and shoot me cuz i might as well go buy a truck:owned:
  19. Go buy a truck, learn about cars, and come back when you're a man instead of whiney little girl, nOOb.

    Stangnet rulezz
  20. is that you in your avatar?:shrug:
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