Here are some pics of my dads car getting the body work done to it.

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  1. I want to get it done before the 17th because there is a Quick 32 race he wants to go to. I want it done so I can start on mine. Just go the cage installed and waiting on piston so I can start on my motor


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  2. Check out that front bumper! Did you actually cut the original urethane one down and bond it to the front end?
  3. It's all fiberglass
  4. rear one is the same way.. really kickass man.
    i should have done that with mine..
    car looks really good congrats..
  5. I didn't think it was only because it actually has the trim inserts. All of the fiberglass ones I've seen smooth that area out. I like the inserts. I presume you made molds of your originals? Looks sharp!
  6. I will post vids and pics later. But my dads car went [email protected] We finally took the restrictor plate of the Pinto that was built by Snowball Racing and it went [email protected] I won in my Mustang. I was going [email protected] all night. My boss went [email protected] in his dragster and are other buddy went [email protected]
  7. Well I don't have a computer at this moment so I can't post any video's. But I have a lot. My dad 77 Mustang went [email protected] The Pinto went [email protected] The blue dragter went [email protected] The purple went [email protected] My 90 Mustang went [email protected] then [email protected] on spray.
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  8. I posted some video of the Pinto and my dads 77 Mustang