Here is a 99 Cobra I MIGHT trade for...

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    Right under this MASSIVE head? Yeah i guess i can see those being easy to pull out. Hope the intake tub on teh other side doesn't get in the way...

    Thanks dan

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  3. AH HA! wow that is easy....didn't see that coming :rlaugh: tricky tricky SVT guys =) Thanks hahah
  4. Now, know where the fuel pump fuse is? :D

    Ill try and disconnect the fuel pump fuse and then take out a plug at a time and hook the compression tester up to her, see what she reads... (if the dealer lets me)
  5. yep. its in the fuse box under the hood. the owners manual tells you exactly which one.
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  7. :rlaugh: no i knew it was in the fuse box lol and i know where the fuse box is.

    Just thought maybe u guys new which fuse off the top of ur heads. After all, you're the gurus :)

    And actually on the underside of the fuse box top, is where it tells u the fuses.
  8. Not on the 03/04 Cobras..............I can tell you where the fuse is on my car, but I don't know for sure if it changed from the 01 to the 03 model.
  9. thats interesting. But thanks anyway. I'll talk to the dealer now or later in the week and see if he will let me either borrow the car or do a compression test on it.

    I'm thinking he WONT let me do the compression test, because the sound the car makes while doing the compression test (turning over with no kick) is probably not something he wants his other customers (who may not know anything about what im doing) thinking this guy is selling beat cars :rlaugh:

    But if its at his house again, i'll talk to him about it.
    He already didn't look to thrilled or entertained as we sat out in the cold yesterday while i inspected every square inch of the car for an hour and a half.

    The only thing i DIDNT inspect (because i forgot i guess), was the suspension/springs. Wish i looked to see if it was aftermarket or not. At least the car was aligned good and drove DAMN nice. I'm guessing its stock suspension.
  10. If your capable of doing the work yourself then talk him into buying the parts for the car and you'll install them yourself to save the labor costs. That way he can still get his "price" on the parts but not have to pay the labor to install them.

    As for the tires ask him to atleast replace the rear tires so the car would be DOT legal to drive on the street if they are as bald as you make them out to be. 2/32's is the wear out.

    I'd love to have a cobra myself but see what you guys can work out and if he's not willing to meet you anywhere on the car just walk away with a grin and know you made the right decision.

  11. Wow thats a really good idea, i didn't even think of that. Yeah *IF* he wants to do the trade, maybe i will ask him for some parts. I would like to get him to do the following:

    - New clutch & TOB
    - New Rear Tires
    - New front rotors and pads fro front and back (ill resurface the back rotors)
    - take those god-forsaken window visors off the car
    - TRY and get him to fix the dent in the rear of the car (bumper is fine for me really)

    If he can fix all of that, then my ONLY problem with the car is the ****ty Mach 460 style radio and hitting my knuckles on it when shifting. So i'd just buy the car and find a $50 replacement 01+ mach 460 console trim and install it myself and change the radio around
  12. Also i noticed on the guages when i started the car up, that the RPMS seemed to get "stuck". Like not a lot, it was VERY VERY hard to notice, but is that a normal thing on the 99 cobras? Or what?

    I know my 98 GT did this problem when i installed white faced guages, the needles seemd to be getting caught on the new gauges because i pushed the needles back on too hard or something.

    Just thought i'd point it out. The cobra doesn't do it as bad as my 98 GT did, but i did notice it for a split second.

    I wish i could see the car again and test the **** out of her... Grrrrrr maybe later in the week i'll get a round 2...
  13. New informaion about the cobra:
    Someone from Stangnet helped me pull the Warranty infomation on the car. Apparently this cobra had a new clutch installed at 22,000 miles. This leads me to believe a few things:

    1) The car was beat the **** out of :rlaugh:
    2) The "adult" owner, maybe didn't beat the car, but learned how to drive stick on the cobra :nonono:
    3) The clutch on the cobra MAY not be bad now, and just needs an adjustment or something
    4) See #1 again, and the owner burnt the clutch out, replaced it and now its burnt out again and instead of having to pull the BBKs again and do ANOTHER 2nd clutch job, the guy just sold the cobra...

    I'm looking into the information about the warranty work now, i'll get back to you. Maybe i can try and call the Ford dealer that did the work and find otu some background on the car and owner...
  14. I know it would be nice to own a Cobra, but I think you GT is worth more. For it to be close to fair the Cobra needs, clutch, windshield, 2 tires. If the dealer is not willing to do this then I'd walk. The guy probably only has $8k in it, and he doesn't want to put any money in it to sell it. He could sell yours outright for $11k + and not put anything into it. The Cobra might need a tune because of the header, that could be the idle problem. I also think those Dynomax would sound much better with an H instead of the X. Sucks about the stereo, mine is starting to do that crap too. Good luck!
  15. dont walk, run away.

  16. Sell my car for 11k?? My car private party is $12.5k. RETAIL from a dealer fro my car is $15k. This dealer could EASILY sell my car fro $14k fast.
  17. I believe that that cobra is a money pit and you should stay clear of it. You can still sell your car and buy another one in better shape.
  18. nah if that were the case i would. But i can't afford to sell my GT and be out of my daily driver NEEDED commuter car...while i shop around for a cobra that MAY or may not work out for me buying wise. As in, if i sell my car to get a cobra, and the guy sells the cobra to someone else, im F'ed.

    Basically i thought this would be a good one-time chance to do a stragith trade and get a low mileage cobra i've always wanted.

    But if hte deal doesn't work the way i want it to, im willing to walk. But i can't save for a cobra anytime soon and can't sell my GT and hope another cobra comes my way. I'm very picky and like black on black only... :(

    So ill keep u guys posted and let u know what happens.
  19. One more thing i noticed on the car. The heat vent on the driver side. It felt weak while i had it on HIGH Fan HIGH Heat.

    This normal for u 99 cobra owners? Think the blower motor is going? The center console heat was strong and good, but i checked my GT driver side vent with heat on HI and it was blowing strong. So there was something weak on the cobra.

    Weak blower motor? Or was the cobra vent/fan power always crappy? :shrug:
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