Here is a 99 Cobra I MIGHT trade for...

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  1. Thanks for the help but (no offense guys) but those "electric green" stangs are the ugliest things i've ever seen. It could be MINT and you still couldn't pay me to take one. The only thing worse than that green color is Green with a tan interior or red with a tan interior....i HATE tan interiors hahahah :p

    Oh yeah im not VERY picky im SUPER picky...i forgot to tell you i dont like verts :p

    COUPES FTW :) hehe

    -- I would CONSIDER a red cobra coupe or a silver cobra coupe with black leather interior. But it would really depend on mileage and condition. Because yeah, i could always paint it black down the road. But electric green and some of those other colors...yeah no thanks
  2. the problems with the cobra are mostly appearance issues except for the clutch.

    if the engine is fine(i tried reading all of ur posts lol) and electricals all work and u have a little bit of cash to play with id say get the cobra. you can always get the car painted, its not like ur gunna have to do engine work, it doesnt affect the performance of the car. if ur driving the cobra how its supposed to be driven, whos gunna notice the paint and/or visors anyway:shrug:

    if he cant drive the cobra worth a damn then maybe the tranny is possibly bad or going bad, thats somethign ur gunna have to decide on urself
  3. Just heard back from the dealer, this is what his e-mail said:

    Can we say: yeah, no thanks :)

    I told him NO WAY. And added, i would trade if he did this: gave me all the parts i need, new brakes, rotors, pads, windshield, clutch, TOB. I would stil need new tires, but i let him slide on that as well as the rear outside damage. So basically all i would need (if he agrees to this) is new rear tires...but my GT needs all new tires anyway so.

    I'll keep you posted but i KNOW he is going to say no to this :) hahahahahah Thanks for all your input guys.

    Oh! i also found another black on black cobra out like 19 hours away from my house LOL. Its blabk on black with 69,000 miles on her :( Dealer asking $13k. Still waiting on more pics and info back...
  4. Cool, let us know what happens. :D Oh and good for you, dont let that dealer try to rape you with a crappy deal like the one he e-mailed you. :nice:
  5. I went and test drove this 99 today..




    It was pretty quick, but I dont think it was much faster than my 96 GT..but it was quicker.
    The dealer would not go below $14999...and would take mine in at $5200 trade-in...leaving me with $215/mo payments...

    The body on it was in good condition. I looked at the carfax, and it had hit a coyote in New Mexico, but nothing serious. I think he was asking way too much. Also, the headlights clear plastic was faded. It has 57,000 miles on it by the way.

    I wish my GT was worth as much as yours..


    I would get away from the original Cobra you are looking at. Too much work.
  6. On its second clutch, 45k miles, 3 owners....

    If it was me, I'd be patient and look for the perfect Cobra. Still beats the 99 Cobra I test drove. It was a certified lemon. :)
  7. They want cash too? I say forget it. even trade or no trade. The cobra does seem to be alittle abused. I know that your using the $$ value of your GT to trade so it's limited to trades with dealers,if you had the cash on hand your options would be greater. So your working with what you have. Don't limit yourself to black on black... I've seen some REALY nice cobra's out there (NOT GREEN) But i do favor the black cobra as well. Good luck on the search!
  8. Sounds like he was giving you a crappy offer in order to get rid of you. That car sounds like a loser anyways and no matter how it goes 99% of the dealers out there would not do a straight trade unless they know for a fact they'll make money off the deal (i.e. have another buyer lined up already). I'd say if you are really wanting a 4v, then find a crate motor or a pull out and do the swap.
  9. List your GT in the paper and online and sell it for as much as you can get for it.

    Buy a cheap beater (Very cheap is better - I drive a '93 Buick Gran Sport with 190k on the ticker in the winters - cost me $500 and was a steal) , and drive it while you search for your Holy Grail of Cobras.

    That way .. you get the most out of your GT as you can (Private Party $) without watching it lose value and have a beater to drive around to work and back, with all the time in the world to find your Cobra you want.

    That one may look nice to you, but with the dealer acting as he is ("give me $1500 too") it is definetly not worth it.

    .. or .. tell him to fix the clutch problems & windshield, swap your best 2 tires from your GT over to the Cobra's rears and call it an even trade.

    Maybe get someone to wack the headers with a hammer where its rusted and see if it cracks through before you bring it for inspection ... get new headers out of it too :rlaugh: :p
  10. If the dealer will meet your demands I say do it. That Cobra will always be worth some $. You will be disappointed a little by it's lack of performance but I hear that they respond really well to any type of power adder. Also, how many miles are on your 02? That's the other factor.....
  11. Nah i cancelled this deal. I guess i forgot to tell ya. The dealer wanted my car + $1,500 in exchange for the cobra. I said no way have a nice day

  12. oh well there will be others :D
  13. Sounds like someone didn't really care about the cobra, unlike with your GT. Who knows how what problems you might get with the cobra down the road, and why did this person get rid of the cobra? Maybe there was a problem with her? :shrug: But it's still a cobra....but is it worth it?

    Edit: Just saw that you didn't take the offer, I think you picked good.
  14. Its ok, im putting in some VT stage II cams and 3.73 gears this summer. and i think i'll be happy =) Hopefully even smokin some cobras ;)
  15. Your GT is probably slower, but it looks like a better car. Take your time in finding a cobra, dont jump into the first one you see. If you would have bought this one, you would've inherited a headache.
  16. that car looks beat on.. i wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.. even if it is a 4v..
  17. I'd probably keep the GT. You have already modded it to your taste and you know its histroy.

    A S/C should make the 2v run nicely :)
  18. 5-6 months later....
  19. Black Cobras:nice:
    That one is a :notnice:
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