Here is what the 05 Mustang GT REALLY runs

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by mball, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. This thread has been to funny, not very informative to say the least, but funny still yet. It's obvious the guy/girl...whatever mball is, posts here to get under everybody's skin. So take it for what it's worth.... a good laugh. LOL. I did.
  2. backpedal backpedal.
  3. They are the same retards that ran the 13.6 in the auto GT 05! Motortrend. :owned:
    Check last month issue. :lol:

    The evo viii is a mid 13's car due to its awd, without it would be a low 14's car. From a roll they stink! :nice:
  4. You forgot the 10 more tq. And who knows what else (I have to go to work now. Or I would look up the differences for you).
  5. So the 03-04 SVT COBRA is a piece of crap then ? I will put my car up agaisnt any Evo, STI, 350z, G35 out there. As a matter of fact I have. I have yet to loose to any of those ricers. If you have ever driven a Cobra you would know your full of :bs: Hmm oh I'm sorry maybe your one of those people who come around with your piece of crap car that was getting all these upgrades for the last 5 years now.

    Go buy your Evo, then drive to FL, come to morroso, and look me up. Send me a message. I will then hand you and your Evo's ASS as many times as you would like to have it handed to you.
  6. Damn Mball, getting owned left and right.

    I wasn't going to post anything, but since it seems that in every thread that I go into in regards to the 05 there is Mball, like an unwanted child talking crap about a car that he obviously does not like, why are you on this forum anyway? I know is a free country and you can do whatever you like, but it seems to me like you have your mind set on an Evo, go and get it, nobody wants you here. The average troll is at least entertaining and knows how to give a hard time, but you are just outright anoying and a pain, never mind the fact that in this thread alone you have been owned left and right.

    I really like your unbiased attitude, you pick the worst things they pointed out in the MT review of 05 Stang yet you fail to mention all the good aspects they mentioned, yeah that is really unbiased. I really like imports, but the Mustang is my vehicle of choice, you are really making poeple who actually like imports and are actually unbiased look like uneducated morons. :notnice:
  7. Hmm...

    I think we can stipulate that mball is a troll.

    That said, let's look at the arguments. Does a stock EVO beast a stock 2005 GT. Probably. However, if you spend on the GT in mods what you would spend on the stock EVO, you'll be DEEP into the 12s. Hell, I'd love to see a 2005 GT with a Kenne-Bell kit or a turbo. :nice: Which you'd be able to buy with the difference in price between the two cars.

    What it really boils down to is NOT the stock numbers. It's two things: price/performance and style.

    Price/performance on the GT is clearly better, since the ~$25K GT is at least in the ballpark of the ~$32K EVO.

    As for style, that's all preference. The retro "old school" style of the GT or the techno-japanese style of the EVO? My personal preference is the old musclecar look & style, because that is what I grew up with. If somebody prefers the more techno style, I can respect that (I admit I like the WRX/STi)...but not if they cram it down my throat. Then they're just being a fanboy. :notnice:

  8. Hey, Troll:

    You don't even know what the definition of a "sports car" is! We're supposed to LISTEN to you! :rlaugh:

    This site has NOTHING TO DO WITH SPORTS CARS. Well, maybe the Ford GT, but that's an exotic sports car.

    Name the American sports cars available today. Then the Japanese. German if you feel up to it. It doesn't need to be exhaustive/complete, just give us the dominant examples. Then tie that back to the Mustang. And then maybe you can think about keeping this on topic.
  9. Stipulate? Don't use large words, you might confuse him.

    Yes, he is a troll, he turns every thread into an EVO thread, because the EVO is the godfather of cars.
  10. Ok-

    After reading through countless posts, threads, etc....I have come to a conclusion. A very simple conclusion.

    We are arguing about two different cars....that are .5, .6, even a second off from each other (or whatever frickin time it is).

    Mball...go buy your $30k+ big winged box that looks like some 5 yr. old kid designed it (the outside that is). And get it on the street. And run it hard. Launch it hard, and make good times on the street. Will you have your pocket watch with you to time yourslef?

    Or maybe your one of the few who will take it to the track. Let me say one thing...and I am sure you will repsond...but I wont. This needs to end.

    I drive a vert V6 right now, with a ton of stereo equipment in it. Probably the slowest Stang that ford makes. But let me tell you something. If I pulled up next to you in your evo at a light...and heard you rev your engine at me. I would laugh at you. Not because I know that you would beat me...but because you spent so much money on a sleeper. Do you know what a sleeper is? It's an ugly car that doesn't look fast, but is. I would not waste my gas, which I pay $2.25 a gallon for, and be seen running against some ugly @ss car. Yes, you would win. You would go X amount of seconds faster. But in the end...when that hot blonde is walking down the street...she will see my car...and not yours. No, girls aren't like the girls in Fast and the Furious. They don't automatically cream when they see a guy go .3 faster than the next...and if you happen to find a girl like that...she has a warped sense of style dude. Either one of two things- Your gay...which is fine...and do not care about women...anddon't care about style....or you haven't dropped that penthouse mag and your member; and looked up and noticed that there are actually REAL women out there...not just in that mag. Girls like to look good. Girls like to look good looking cars....with good looking guys. Guess your SOL.

    I may be in the minority...and I am sure there are alot of stangs that would kill and evo...and with enough money...evos that would kill a stang. But the point is...How many of us really care if our cars are .5 seconds faster? Will you be at the track racing for money? Or just pride? Do you really want to spend $30+ on a Evo because it is slightly faster, the same, slower...whatever. I would buy a cobra...because of the name, the style, the growling V8, and yes...because its quick. But I could care less if some Japanese import can keep up.

    Grow up Mball. How old are you btw? You talk like some 16yr old with a hard on because he goes .3 faster than the other guy. A BMW M3 would kill you. I personally don't like BMW. I don't like there style, even though they are made quite well.

    Its a car dude. Put it in perspective. Go waste your money on a car that 90% of people who don't know car engines will laugh at...and the other 10% will be laughing still....because you paid so much for a car...that may (and I say "may" because final numbers on the 05 aren't out yet) out perform a stang..and if it does...its so close that no rational person would give a rats @ss.

    Congrats man. I will be riding arround in style with a hot babe, while you will be riding arround wasting money on an ugly car....wasting money on gas to prove yourself....and also.....riding alone.
  11. Blazin, don't bother trying. In mball's state of steadfast denial, the Evo you raced would have spanked you......"if the driver had known what he was doing". Every time an Evo doesn't run sub-13's (which apparently is EVERY time), it's "the driver" :rolleyes:

    TomServo92, thank you for executing one of the most solid, to-the-point, and bullet-proof assassinations of a troll I have witnessed in awhile. Notice that when you whack mball with a sledgehammer back into his hole, that he just pops up out of another hole like nothing ever happened?? He's the human equivalent to that old video game, I can't remember the damn name, where you whacked as many moles as you could with a sledge?? Somebody help me out...
  12. Oh, and by the way, be sure to ask mball how the rev limiter on the Evo causes the clutch to slip (another thread). It's a doozy!!

  13. wow, you must not be a drag racer

    when my car trapped 104 i went 13.2 on strete tires and 12.9 at 104 on DOT slicks

    so what you are "proving" by your little internet find is that the car is 12 second car stock on tires and low mid 13s in the hands of anyone who can drive worth a damn?

    is that what you meant to say? :nice:
  14. The simple explanation is that there's a big gearing leap in that 5-speed auto between 3rd and 4th, causing it to drop-anchor a bit right before the traps when it shifts to 4th. Don't expect mball to be able to rationalize how that all works out to a 13.6 @ 99.9
  15. what is the tranny gearing on the new A5

    a5... i like that sound FINALLY

    wait until these cars get stalls.

    a stalled a5 with maybe a tad higher gear like a 3.90 will seal that gap and make that car absolutely rip out of the hole.

    someone would be running 12.9s at 102-103 and really make peopel like mball who dont understand drag racing call BS

    Oh and on another note... what causes the clutch problems on the evo is that they have a slower engagement than the japanese versions. This is to protect the tranny from inexperienced american drivers who tend to pop the clutch alot which takes its toll on parts.
  16. You can keep your evo with its junk clutch. ALso, I like how the new evo's that are coming out have a a rev limiter set at 5 grand when stoped and with the clutch down....Hmmmmmm I wonder why? They dont want to strengthen their parts so they lessen the warrantable stress one could apply. What's funny is if you do want to "race" it your warranty will probably be voided because they like to watch for those things. :)
  17. Wrong, since 1995 Ford and GM and BMW has produce more "10 best engines" than Toyota and Honda and Nissan, Mitsubishi haven't been able to make not even one!!!. Go see Ward's website and look for 10 Best Engines Award and compare every year since 1995, or you can go to this link:

    According with JD power, Ford and GM brands quality is around average and that is not bad for mass production brands, Subaru and Mitsubishi are at the bottom, so, mball you are wrong again.


    So, what is your excuse now mball?, every time you write is based on your own misleaded belief, every time somebody responce to you is with facts and real data.

    And FYI: Mitsubishi is close to bankrupsy and Subaru is own by GM, please read more, you are making a fool out of you.
  18. I agree, although I'd say that would require a sticky drag radial.