Here It Is: Uncamouflaged!

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  1. It might be just me, but doesn't this car look a little too similar the current model? Add a flat hood and a different front end and you have the current car.
    Its not neccesarily a bad thing, but wasn't ford trying to make a car that looked different?

  2. who says it has to have a gt emblem. pony emblems look better anyway
  3. I like it. Now, if they would make the concepts wheels an option. Cobra in 2006 maybe?
  4. I'm new to these forums, though I've been watchin' the 2005 Mustang for a long time, but on Brads forum. Just wanted to note that I these B&W's should be all accounts be legit, since they're copies of what was sent to a few selected dealerships.

    Side note: I'd really like to see those rims stay on it as well, or at least as an option. They go great with that design.
  5. I'm hooked...still think it needs a hood scoop though and maybe sidescoops (I just think they look cool)...the rims in the black and whites are awesome, like the concept rims better though. The side mirrors have got to go...if I could I'd like to see them replaced with something along the lines of the concepts side mirrors or the mirrors from the 2004 BMW 330
  6. if that really is it (I hope it is) I like it. I wanna see the back though. As long as the back looks good, all it needs is a hood(mabie like the concept) and itll be sweet. :nice:
  7. OMFG!

    This is the EXACT SAME CAR that everyone says they hate! Now you all love it? So which is it?

    I truly wish everyone would make up their minds.
  8. I think what allot of people had a problem with(at least i did,never said i didnt like it though) was how they changed the back end, and we still dont know what that looks like.
    Im still waiting to see it at the auto show to make my final judgement
  9. Not sure if i'm alone on this one but I really hope this is the new stang. I think it looks awesome, I want one!!
  10. Looks really good, very much resembles the '60s stangs. Nice work Ford! Now, all we need are the official PERFORMANCE details. Official chassis? HP and torque? Brakes? Safety features? Wheels and tire sizes? etc.

  11. Don't forget one of the most important things, price. :) Hopefully it will cost about the same as the current ones.
  12. No. On my hard drive, DealershipRelease.jpg is the original--larger and without the logo.
  13. If you look carefully, it appears to be the new GT emblem with the Tri-Bars behind it.
  14. Looks like the legend lives on, I like it, I could see that in my driveway in a couple of years. Dark highland green though of course. :D
  15. I love it that people started this thread off questioning that picture's legitamacy and even asked Bama GT to tell where he got it! Hee hee hee...

    Tyler65: I for one still think it looks like @%&*!

    Londerville: Don't insult the current model Mustang like that. It does seem to have the current model's side skirts and the bottom half of the front bumper is very simular.

    2005Eleanor: I would say the whole picture if a computer generated graphic. This is not an arguement about it being legit or not, since I think the offical pictures on Ford's website of the car's dash were painted in a computer (or at least enhanced) as some other poster pointed out on a different thread. There is just something wrong about that back window. The side scoops are pretty funky too.
  16. what? looks like a horse to me

    "The side scoops are pretty funky too." yeah the invisible kind
  17. Hopefully not the Dumbo-ear side scoops of the SN95 nor its J.C. Whitney-class hood scoop (both totally non-functionally and totally tacked on looking).

    If the S197 does have FUNCTIONAL scoops more like the Concept car, then I might be more amenable but otherwise, I am much more for a clean look that relies on the strengths of its basic shapes, proportions and lines rather than festooning on a bunch of juvenile and clich├ęd "performance" geegaws for the gullible and tasteless.

    Same with that rear spoiler Ford seems compelled to lash on to any "performance" car, real or pretend. The real performance car's ought not to need such trite tripe to holler their intent to the mouth-breathers of the world and as for pretend (tape and stripe) performance cars, all the cheap ornaments in the world won't make them go 1 mph faster, or look any better, never mind what it does to erode Ford's styling honesty and credibility.

    But enough venting. Overall, this picture looks quite good, aside for that aforementioned, and hopefully deletable rear spoiler. It does come together better than the earlier spy photos indicated and is certainly a much better rendered, integrated and executed design than the SN95. There are also those odd little spats or whatever for and aft of the bottom of the door, where'd they come from? Now if only the designers can resist the bleatings of the plaid-suited marketeering types to slab on all sorts of "performance" buffoonery and cheapen the new car's clean, new look...
  18. Not bad, but a bit plain jane looking. I agree it could use some scoops, but I also agree they shouldn't look tacked on, make new parts with the scoops molded in, not added on.
  19. Maybe this picture is the V6 and the V8 has a different hood. Just as the hoods are different now from model to model....
  20. How about with no driving lights and front plate? Yes? No?

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