Here It Is: Uncamouflaged!

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  1. Getting a spoiler delete on a Stang is easier said than done I've heard recently.
  2. Not from the factory, but the dealer should be able to swap decklids with a spoilerless V-6.
  3. It's pretty, but I like it w/o the driving/fog lights better... SCOOP SCOOP SCOOP, ok enough of that. Take a look at these pictures side by side and see if you can see what I'm talking about when I say that I like how the concept's lines don't arc as much on the side as the "final's" do... It seems that the "final" bends down slightly in the rear, as opposed to the concepts line just continuing relatively straight all the way down the car from the door on down. Maybe it's the quality of the picture, maybe it's that ducktail spoiler, or maybe (most likely) I'm just plain CRAZY?!?!


    Those side mirrors make me think of big ears (they are bigger than the side mirrors on my dad's '98 Mountaineer!), smaller and a bit more "squared off" color-keyed mirrors would be better IMO.

    Also, the hood on the "final" seems to be more 'bubbled' than on the concept also...maybe they are the same (one w/ scoops, one w/o scoops) and it's just the angle...hope so...the flatter looking hood on the concept looks meaner in my opinion. Never the less, I'd like to see a picture of the final and the concept at the same angle for a comparison.
  4. Amen to that. How could you look at this picture and not see the lines from a 67 - 68 fastback?

    I also think the car would look 10 times better if it had the concepts hood. I'm not a fan of the bubble in the hood. It takes a great, straight edged design and puts a bubble in it.
  5. Not to harsh anyone's buzz but before anyone gets too excited I have it from a reliable source that this photo is closer than the concept but still no cigar...
  6. Maybe it's just me. But people have said it reminds them of the 67-68 fastback. But this one seems to have a level trunk. Which would be the lines of a 65-66 fastback.
  7. Then either your friend is wrong or Ford is making two completely different cars. I have 50+ photos of at least six different 2005 Mustangs, and they all look the same.
  8. Please tell me your kidding. :eek:

    The "fake" hood scoop and especially those side ones have been the gayest thing Ford has done to the Stang since the MustangII!

    It's one of the reasons I have not purchased a newer one than my '96. On my model those fake scoops are tiny. Wish they were not there at all, but oh well.

  9. I'm sorry, but that car NEEDS some side scoops. :p
  10. What I said, happens to be my opinion... Call me a dreamer of a dream not come true...but I think the concept is perfect, and those scoops were aesthetically pleasing to my eyes...It's all a matte of opinion.
  11. No, no, I agree. The concept's scoops are cool. Because they at least look more functional. They don't have that tacky, crappy, honeycomb plastic stuff plugging the hole up. Do the honeycomb if you must, but make the holes, REAL HOLES. And route the air someplace. Cool the brakes for the side scoops. Something.

    The hood scoops on the concept could have been made to really be functional too. With some more tweaking. Still, they look functional.
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  14. Ok first off calm down a bit and breathe. :)

    Secondly look closer at the concept and this new pic. They look very close to the same.
  15. 1) MRWEWIII, that doesn't cut it in this forum. You're not in the NFL; this isn't the place for that kind of language.

    2) It's just a car. If you don't like it, buy something else. You have nothing invested in this design. No one likes a man who whines.
  16. Then ban me junior. as far as I can see the profanity filter did its job to a t but if its chaffin your ass that I got opinions about the thing, ban me. I appreciate that you have an opinion and you are welcome to it but it doesnt sway me in the least. Oh, and just so your no longer confused on the issue, I dont give a **** what anybody likes. we clear junior?
  17. Here is a photoshopped version without foglights and with a hoodscoop with TT2s.

  18. I understand you have an opinion, I just don't understand why you have to show a maturity level of someone less than half your age to get your point across.
  19. dang stangtrooper96 thats a sweet azz photoshop.
  20. Thanks, it was a quicky,