here my 64 1/2 coupe in swift red and soon to be black carbon fiber upholstery

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  1. View attachment 167989 64 1/2 mustang swift red soon black carbon upholstery

    heres some pics of my car, i dont have many from when i first got it.

    only pic when i first got it.
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    i was only in 9th grade when i bought it for 1,500 not a bad deal for it being all there! ran drove no problem from lehi to riverton ut on freeway. it has stock 289v8 and c4. The motor has been bored 30 over 351w. new heads cam intake carb air filter new distributor. basically everything i wanted or wouldve done to the motor was done, except valve covers. it has new radiator gas take all new front end parts edlebrock 1" drop coils and shocks. the stuff that i did were pretty basic. it just took time, i had to focus on it after school and work ugh. then agian if i had the choice to do it again i deffinetly wouldve. it took me awhile to choose the color because im picky on paint. i did know i wanted either black or red. i talked to my old hot rod and pin striper buddy. he gave me this upholstery guys name. i thought cool ill go up there check out the shop on some samples. well long story short i came down to either two tone red outer and black inner on my seats in carbon fiber or solid red carbon. well i went with this.
    P8250150.jpg P8250149.jpg P8250146.jpg P8250152.jpg
  2. my cousin also has a 64 1/2 coupe but with a 6 cyl 200 i think it was and a c4. i thought i looked bad how her glove box didnt get repainted, when mustang ranch did her interior. so i thought id make mine better P8250154.jpg
    some other things i did to make it nice and custom classic were the seat belts.
    P8250157.jpg P8250156.jpg
    i got these when they first came out the people at cj's said.
    i also have a cutom console. i need take pics of.

    anyways i got all that interior when i first got my car. i started the bodywork. i was done by me inc. i started by sanding down to bare bottom metal i had way deep spider cracks threw the paint, it was red originaly then primed a bunch then painted whimbledon white. The sanding took awhile! i dunno why i didnt sand blast it now looking back but after saying that i still wouldve i had a ton a fun.then after that i cut my own quarters off me self. can you say el winging it. man but did i ever do a straight line!
    0526081315a_001.jpg 0526082037a.jpg
    heres with the bad boys on.

    i wouldnt say that bad for my first weld job. all i got as a word of advice dont buy crap parts from mustangs unlimited. all the company does it screw you over and have crapy customer service and they claim to have the best.
  3. priming and then time for paint

    after a little filling in the body lines i did away with a couple seems and line to give it a streem line look. on all the good metal i welded. not even a quart a filler used in this car.

    i primed using kustom shops high build epoxy primer gray kit. from tcpglobal. i primed it then used 180g then upped to 220 then primer sealed it with the epoxy sence with this type you can. then was and degreeser and tack clothes and then painted. pics.. 462-1.jpg 452.jpg 456.jpg 280.jpg 281.jpg
    284.jpg 451.jpg
    not bad for a first time sprayer 0 runs shinny as glass. paint.
    P8250166.jpg P8250164.jpg P8250167.jpg P8250163.jpg P8280171.jpg P8280170.jpg P8250169.jpg P8250168.jpg P8250160.jpg P8230131.jpg P8230133.jpg P8230134.jpg

    the reason for the orange tone it wasnt quite hardened in the pics. well thats where i am now. i will post up dates. right now im waiting on some parts the chrome window trim from cj's i was kinda up set they sent me some bent ones. they had packaged them weird and bent them in the process. and im waiting on my interior guy to get some free time away from his other interior jobs so he can put mine in. i didnt wanna put the parts in my car for one the headliner supposed to be put in a certain way.