Here we go again


New Member
Feb 27, 2010
Palm Coast, FL
Ok so i figured out my last problem (fuel pump)....even though it was a week old. Fixed.
Now it was running good last night drove it twice ran great. Today was letting it idle and all of a sudden it just died. Tried to start it wouldn't start. Changed distributor and module and tried to set the timing and no flash out of the timing light. What is the malfuction now? Tried changing the coil also.
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5 Year Member
Feb 18, 2009
Probably the PIP sensor.

Use a test light, probe the top wire of the TFI, test it while cranking. It should blink. If not make sure the TFI has power at the #4 wire with the key on, and make sure the #3 wire has power while cranking. If the power is good at 3 and 4. But no blink at the #1 TFI wire. Replace the PIP sensor. Make sure the rotor wheel is not contacting the PIP sensor also.