Here Ya Go Dudes... And Only $50,000!

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  1. ugh terrible.
  2. I think there are far to many zeros in that price, lmao!!! I like how it can still be driven with a broken upper control arm, classic!!
  3. But the only thing wrong with it is that it has a broken control arm and the tires won't hold air. Come on. That's a steal!
  4. B-Cam, what else would it have.
  5. Who wants to test the ebrake slides after the tires are replaced?
  6. I want an 82 gt
  7. Noobz, I have to wonder if people are on crack or simply delusional.

    FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for an 82 Gt that has

    • The rear tires are in need of replacement. They hold air and that's about it!
    • One of the rear upper control arms is broken.
    • the whole car needs a wrap or re-spray
    • Some of these '82 GT and '79 Cobra spoilers become "warped" as do the front clip in general.
    • Foglights are not working but just need new lamps (both burnt out).
    • underside of the hood was also painted with high heat ceramic paint alternating black and red. It has some wear and didn't come out perfect but that's up close, see pic.
    • Roller block but with stock non-roller heads.
    • The car does have working air conditioning (but needs a charge)
    If he gets $50000 I am selling mine for $75000
  8. wtf, red exhaust and all

  9. I'm selling my coupe if anyone is interested. $175,000. It has a broken rocker stud at the moment and the interior needs finished. PM me.

    Oh and it has matching buck tags too.
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  10. ooh, I like the e brake.....NOT

  11. That's a freaking suweet e-brake! :drool:

    My wife is selling her 2001 Mustang V6 for $87,395. It has a brand new fuel filter because the old one got poop (or some other brown chocolaty substance in it). The new one has some in it too now I think because it still has some poop in the gas tank. It runs really good when it's not cutting out really bad. Oh, it has really good paint too aside from all the scratches and the fact that every panel has a dent in it from vandals (I think). I will take no less than $84,002. But I really want $87,395.
  12. Is that really black tape on there? Jeez I guess that does justify the 50,000.
  13. Guys I have a 1999 Ford Taurus for sale. I will let it go for $70,000. Its one of a kind. Someone side swiped it and the door shell is partially dislodged and the front fender is pretty messed up. Other than that it is mint! 181,xxx miles!
  14. I'm selling a used twin brother I want $.55 he doesent have a job and eats a lot but hes not a fan of leftovers.
  15. o_OI've got an ex-wife and ill pay you whatever you wAnt if you'll take her away!
  16. Thanks. Already have one. I need another one like I need a hole in my head.
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  17. It had to be the significant other said "SELL IT!", so he's "trying" really hard or he's looking to find a sucker.
  18. Is that really wire mesh in the wheel well?