Engine Here's An Issue You May Or May Not Have Dealt With B4

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  1. ISSUE: 1st let me apologize for this post IF it has been covered in the forum before. I looked for it , searched and searched but wasn't able to dig anything up.So if was- I am sorry, no search results- but my bad. With that said... here we go- 1989 Mustang Fuel Injected 2.3L w/ a distributor - (THIS IS A FRIENDS CAR> A FRIEND THAT HAS NO MONEY.:doh: I THINK YOU GET THE PICTURE) :runaway: Getting fuel (to the rail for sure), getting spark to all 4 plugs (Looks like good blue arc) engine turns over just fine but will not fire or run. Gave 'er a shot o' ether, gate open, directly into the intake at the plenum and not so much as a cough, belch or backfire! So... what in the blue Hell is the deal with this piece o' car. Pretty odd where I come from. Down right peculiar even.
    MENTIONABLES: Owner installed some new dash speakers- drove it for an hour or so afterwards and then parked it over night. Next day they got in, hit the key and it ran for about 30 seconds and then died. Haven't been able to get it to run again.
    I don't have a noid light tester so I haven't been able to check the injectors that way. I replaced the fuel pump about 6 months ago. It comes on, pressures up, shuts off and cycles like it should. I pulled the fuel line at the rail- hit the key and pumps fuel like hell. Didn't do a pressure test tho- don't have the proper equipment to do it in the manner the repair manual calls for.
    WHAT I AM WONDERING: Due to the location of the EEC, and due to the fact that the owner installed some new speakers in the dash, I'm kinda suspecting that he may have dropped something (elec. connectors, wire strands(clippings), etc..) down the speaker holes and possibly shorted out the computer somehow. The relay is working , I assume, because the fuel pump is coming on and is getting power, so.... Computer maybe? The "no fire with ether" has me puzzled somewhat, but I don't know enough about these Mustangs to say 1 way or the other. Can anyone help a brother out? I work 7/12's and don't have alot of time to work on this car. FOR FREE I might add. I'd love ya for life if you could make this as easy as possible.:spot: Thank you- ~JB~
  2. Try cranking the engine with the pedal on the floor. See if it starts then
  3. How is the timing belt?
  4. Things to check:
    Codes before disconnecting Battery, Timing Belt, Fuseable Link that feeds the computer and the relay for the computer, prior to replacing computer. Check fuel shutoff button in kick panel to ensure it didn't pop for some reason, if it has one, may not.