Here's my dyno results with the HX30w @ 22psi

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  1. Just got back from the dyno a little bit ago. It was a Mustang brand dyno, so the numbers might be a bit low. They sound low to me for what all I'm running. All runs were at 22psi and 50psi base fuel pressure.

    Run 1 - 212 rwhp @ 4100 / 319 ft/tq @ 3300 - Nice flat HP curve; cam retarded 2 degrees.(

    Run 2 - 215 rwhp @ 4000 / 325 @ ft/tq @ 3000 - Curves are more "peaky" than run 1; cam was retarded 4 degrees. (

    Run 3 - 212 rwhp @ 4100 / 317 @ ft/tq @ 2500 - Cam was advanced 2 degrees. (

    Seems like having the RR cam retarded 2 degrees provided the most usable power band. I got to drive the car on the dyno, so that was pretty cool! I noticed that once I hit about 4800-5000 it was pretty much done (running in 4th gear here). The RPMs climbed very slowly at this point. Run 1 pulled the best in the upper RPMs. I am thinking that my cam is really holding me back right now with this setup. Unfortunately, there was no A/F monitoring, so I still don't know too much about my ratio.

    Also, does anyone know of a conversion factor from a Mustang dyno to a Dynojet?
  2. Looking forward to taking a look at it under the hood again.

    Great numbers! Especially that torque! I think you've still got 50 hp/tq hidden somewhere in your combo you'll get unleashed.
  3. Thanks.. I agree, there's more left in there, but at the moment I can't put a finger on it. We're getting into a pretty good discussion on volumetric efficiency in my thread on Turboford. I finally got my hands on the compressor map for my compressor, and I'm basically off the graph!! Nevermind off the efficiency "island." I might not be keeping this HX30w, I'm not sure. I really need to swap cams and re-dyno in order to make a decent decision.
  4. For the love of God, please put a different cam in there. :doh:
    lol, nice numbers though. I am suprised at how fast the torque drops off after you hit peak torque. I have no doubts that a bigger cam will make a huge difference for you. :D
  5. Your car is making more torque than a stock 5.0! That's crazy. Nice numbers BTW. Has anyone talked about those cams Esslinger has on their website?