Heres my first 4 banger(pics inside)

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  1. heres the side and backish i own i 91 gt but picked up the 4 banger to just drive, but the mod bug bit me and i must even start to mod this thing...oh yea and dont worry about the hub caps there going i have foam dials for it(10 hole wheels) and im gonna get it painted black its a work in progress.

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  2. mmmm , love much potential, you can smell it.
  3. Looks clean. I have never been a fan of the notches though. But that is one good lookin grass you got there. You could send that pic into 140cilx's "Simplicitys" website and gotten yourself a free hat. Woohoo :banana:
  4. I need a notch
  5. Syclone :eek:
  6. WTF use the Syclone instead, That thing is clean looking :nice:
  7. nope, Syclone, the Turbocharged Pickup parked infront of the stang. (good eyes cougar) Its the truck version of the Typhoon. Both are sweet ass hauling vehicles.. Even for a Gm product. :D

  8. I was making an "Implant" joke like the fact that no-one else noticed the sweet azz truck but Steel Eyes Cougar "Implanted" the fact into the thread.
  9. :scratch: what you think I mentioned it because of Couger :shrug: You got to be F***ing joking me I've actually driven a few and have friends with them. If it wasn't for my bank not finacing a out of town car I would br driving one right now. Both the Syclones and Typhoons came with turbo charged 4.3 V6, AWD and a Water to Air IC. I forget which was built first but I want to say the Typhoons was first in 91 and then in 92 the Syclones. Both production probly didn't pass 5000 put togther. There was 2-4 proto types built in 90 but never was sold to the public. These trucks have be come a collectors item even Jay Lano owns a Syclone. Now don't ecpect to see him around in it after some Valet parking guys took off in in drag racing :rolleyes: The Syclones ran around 13.5 stock and the Typoons was around 13.9 making it the fastest production SUV made. (They was also both GMC). In the near future GM plans to make new version of the typhoon using the trail blazer

    PS. You can't put the rear wheel on front and the front wheels on the back. Also the typhoons/syclones has apeared in a few movies one of which was Leathal Weapon 3. If you don't think I can't spot a Syclone/Typhoon on my own try finding the one in that movie.
  10. haha so you guys did notice the syclone its my brothers i was parked outside of his house he's on this site boostedpimp actually he replied here on this forum AND THE ANSWER IS NO THE SYCLONE WAS PRODUCED IN 91 WHILE THE TYPHOON WAS PRODUCED IN 92. FEEL FREE TO ASK HIM ANY QUESTIONS ON THIS THREAD CAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE HE HI-JACKED MY THREAD :rlaugh:
  11. I knew it was it was one or the other :D Sorry about partly Hijacking the thread...I've been a fan of these trucks since they first came out. I almost bought a few before but the odds was against me back then :bang: Now days things are better for me and I may buy one if I run across one thats not been raged out.

    Anyways back to the original posting, what do you plan to do to this car :shrug: Are you going to be different and build a nice N/A 2.3 or drop in a 2.3T? I guess you could also drop in a 351w and make is a weekend cruizer :D Enquiring minds want to know :banana:
  12. :lol: thanks man I think i'll do that :)

  13. Thanks for the commends and Im actually very surprised you guys know what a syclone is.

    here's a pic from spring

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    note the beautiful grass there :D sorry I work too much besides the fact that it only takes three days for the lawn to be over grown around here.
  14. Um, i didnt quote you dude. Lay off the Caffeine. Re_read my post and you will see i was correcting Kidiccarus and providing a brief decription of what a syclone was. Chill.


  15. If it has boost, and moves decently....we know. Very sweet ride...its a beutiful day when you get spanked by a truck/suv :banana:
  16. Noooo I can't live without Caffeine !!!!