Here's the New Mustang Lineup Ford should build!

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  1. Because Shelby hasn't produced a great vehicle since the GT500. Everything he's touched since then has met with disaster. Shelby made great cars in his day, but that was in his day -- 35 years ago.

    As for Shelby having built the 'Cobra' name, I beg to differ. He may have started using it, but SVT is the group that made Mustang Cobra a well known and feared name on the streets today. Shelby should stick with his little Cobra concept car for that nameplate. If he wants, fine, let him do a GT500 in the vein of a Cobra R, but for God's sake, don't let him mess up the established Mustang Cobra brand. Because if you give him the chance, he will.
  2. What other "disasters" has he had?
  3. I agree. Plus it cost to much in development of all of these models to get the money back for Ford. They tipically don't make money on special additions, they do them to keep the excitment going. Their bread and butter comes from V6 and GT models. One special addition is enough for one year. If they try to change the special addition every year, they won't sell enough in one year to recover costs. They should never give up the Cobra model.
  4. I disagree about the cobra name. He did create it and build the legend, only it was not a mustang. It was the true cobra roadsters he built in the 60's. None of the Shelby Mustangs were ever called cobra. They were called Shelby GT350 or 500 and 500KR. And therefore I agree that they should not build a Shelby Mustang with the cobra badge now. Anyway, he will not mess up anything cause he will not be building them. Ford will build them with input from him and no doubt permission to put them in the Shelby registry which will send the price tag into orbit. Ford should keep the SVT Cobra nameplate cause they have been doing it for a long while now.
  5. I think worrying about him taking the Cobra name from the mustang. Is something that has already been decided. In every interview I have seen so far. They keep refering to the top mustang as a Cobra. So it sounds like they have no itention of giving up the Cobra name.
  6. Correct. I really think they should place the Shelby between the GT and the SVT Cobra. SVT has worked to long to be relegated below Shelby. With his age he will not stay long at Ford anyway. Putting his car above the Cobra would be a slap in the face of the group that has done the Cobra and Lightning for a long time now. I see the shelby as being mostly a cosmetic change and maybe IRS with 6speed. Maybe bump the hp up 40 or so, but definately keep it well below the Cobra.
  7. You have way too much time on your :rlaugh:
  8. I actually prefer the wider bore, shorter stroke approach. This approach is ideal for boost, and if you wanted to stay N/A you could always get a stroker crank, and rods.... :nice:
  9. I bet that Ford wishes it were this easy to get a new Mustang, or any other model for that matter, to market...

    Just photoshop in a design, lay down a bunch of options, dream up a hp rating and pull a price out of thin air. Who needs designers, engineers, accountants, and marketing... when all Ford really needs to do is log onto this forum!

    Its good to dream though...
  10. Why not do what the Mustang originally was? One model. 3 different rooflines (notchback, fastback & convertible). V-6 standard, a couple of V-8s optional, choice of 5-speed, 6-speed or automatic (automatic yecch... sorry, couldn't help it). A GT package optional on any V-8. IRS standard, live axle available on V-8. Couple of sound systems, interior upgrade available on any car.

    One of the reasons for the great popularity of the original was the long list of available options, to make your car what you want. That would be MUCH easier for Ford to do nowadays, there was almost no computerization back in 1965 in the assembly plants.
  11. But along with that computerization came the deletion of many different engine choices and body styles.
  12. Different models

    New Modles offered......... One thing.
    SVO i.e. Turbo 4. I know they are never going to do one again but... Come on the focus...? :nonono: Punch out 300hp on a i-4 and pop it into a stang again, unless the weight of the new ones is to much to push around and still be serious. :shrug:
  13. I agree that Shelby hasn't had a whole lot of success with his other projects, except that he had a heck of alot to do with the Viper. :doh:
  14. The reduction in body styles and engine choices has nothing to do with computerization.

    It is because of:

    Emissoins regulations
    Front Impact regulations
    Rear Impact regulations
    side impact regulations
    Fuel economy regulations
    All the different models / engine combinations have to be tested & certified.

    Sales volume, the Mustang sells 140,000 units a year not the 500,000+ units it sold in 1965 & 1966.
  15. I don't think that would go over well in today's market. The people that are enamored with turboed 4s now days are the people that look down on Mustangs in general.
    I mean who would buy it? The sports compact crowd i.e. the realm of the turboed 4 banger wouldn't give it another look as they ran off and bought a hoped up econobox(which would likely be cheaper) and the traditionalists likely wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole when several very capable v8 variants exist.
  16. The first 4 are identical if you have one body style, as I proposed. Fuel economy regs? One for each engine/trans offered. Just build your biggest motor to meet the regs (not terribly difficult with the low requirements) and all the others = a piece of cake.

    Not doing the above is one of the reason Ford sells a fraction of the number of cars in a larger market.
  17. Interesting that when it became easier to do it... they stopped doing it.
  18. Does anyone else not like the idea of Ford producing a Shelby model Mustang. I always thought of Shelby as the 60s version of what Saleen and Roush are now, not just a rename of the SVT Cobra.
  19. Yeah that ideas real smart, the pony V6 will just about beat the GT. And another thing, there is no way they're going to produce a mach 1 again, I dont know why everyone keeps throwing this idea around.
  20. You really don't have an understanding of the regulations, testing & certification requirements. It does not work that way you apear to think it does. I don't have the time & energy to educate you, but a vert & coupe have to go through separate tests if for no other reason than they are in different EPA weight categories. Changing the roof line changes the structural characteristics of the vehicle again making it a different model requiring its own testing. You cannot run tests with the biggest motor and then say they apply to all other engines. Even if you could just test with the biggest motor Ford would never do it because they are fighting for every tenth of a MPG to improve their fleet CAFE.