Here's the New Mustang Lineup Ford should build!

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  1. True.. true....
  2. models that I would want

    I would like to see the folowing models

    v6 base model 3.5 duratec v6 260 hp 3.55 gears t-5 or 4r70w 16x7 wheels 225 60 16 standard wiith h speed rated tires optional 16x8.5 255 50 16
    8.8 inch soild rear end limited slip
    lx 4.6 includes options not available on other models, Automatic climate controol, power antena, automatic lights, vanity miror, autodimming rear view miror, deep tinted glass other luxuary items 4.6 3 valve engine 300 hp comfort springs and shocks remote starter 4r70w transmission 3.27 gears 8.8 inch rear end limited slip independent rear suspension 245 50 17 tires on 17x8 wheels

    GT 4.6 3 valve 300 hp or optional 5.8 v 10 3 valve 375 hp 350 ftlb torque. soild axil 3.27 gears or 3.55 limited slip standard, firm suspension, foglamps, tremec 3350 tko2 or 4r70w transmission.

    cobra 5.8 liter v-10 4 valve supercharged with a whipple 2.3 liter blower 475-500 hp 450 ftlb of torque on 6-7 psi. 18x9 wheels 275 45 tires independent suspension optional soild axil. 3.55 gears tremec 3350 tko 2 transmission only
  3. I want to see the feature less options for the 05 gt and or optional t56 and IRS.

    Ford could make some extra money real fast by having optional 6 speed trannys and IRS. Why the hell should that be a cobra specific feature?
  4. How about this, with an aluminum V10, the Mustang could take sales and repect away from the Viper. Unfortunately, it would need to cost as much as one. I really think Mustangs should have V8's. That's just the way it should be.
  5. Besides the mega bump, this thread is interesting. It's a pretty clever linup, but all of the Boss Models being produced at the same time is just pointless.
  6. I thought this thread had a deja-vu feel to it. It's THREE YEARS OLD!!!
  7. That's because every once and a while we achieve time travel. But only backwards
  8. OMG, here's my MSRP $28,950 <plunk> please hand over the keys to my new Mach 1!!!!

    What? Ford will only give me a "Premium" Gt with a shaker 1000 for that price? BAH!
  9. You didn't read the 1st paragraph.

    I said that the different models would only be built for 2 years at a time and they would be rotated in production so not all of them would be built during the same model years.