Here's the official Performance Numbers od the Camaro from Motor Trend

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  1. testify brother, testify!
  2. :dead:I'm not quite sure why we keep having this conversation going over and over again. Some people are going to buy these cars based on how fast they are (the die hard fans) but the majority of people buying these cars are going to buy the car based on looks, driveability, and options available. The camaro is a faster car, no doubt. Who cares? If you like your Mustang stick with it. I for one wish my 05 had never been wrecked. That being said, I don't much care about the 4.6 carrying over, it didn't stop me from ordering a premium GT with the track pack, and I went with grabber blue. The camaro looks nice on the outside, I'll give it that, but looks like a cheap toy on the inside. And I, for one, would much rather drive a GT with it's nice new interior than a plasticy GM interior , 100hp more or not. Besides, I don't street race my car and could care less. It's not like I'm going to run into an SS camaro every day on my way to work and race. The mustang looks nicer inside and out, and if you care so much about the power, get the blower put on and you'll smoke that SS that wants to play. Oh, and enough about the v6 camaro putting out 304 HP. Gimme a break, 14.5 quarter mile?? My v8 explorer is probably that fast. The camaro is a big overweight hog that took a whole 105 more HP to go .5 seconds faster in the 1/4 mile. Imagine what these mustangs would do with 100 more HP and a good driver.
  3. I really don' tthink the guys at MT know how to drag race cars period. Since the 80's I've seen their 1/4 mile #s and they were always slower or not on with what they are really able to do. Evan Smith is a a "hot shoe"! He managed a 12.2 out of a bone stock 2007 GT500 down the 1/4 mile. At the time of the article he managed the fastest time ever in the GT500. I'd like to see a Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords all out comparison between a V6, and SS Camaro....and a V6, Mustang GT, and a Supercharged Mustang GT. That'd be a great article. I think it would really help people see the differences. I'd be willing to bet the supercharged Mustang would offer the same performance and value as the Camaro SS...maybe a smidge better?