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  1. Well, I've ended up with another mustang sooner than I had anticipated. X-boss wanted a jeep which my wife just so happened to have, but he had to sell his mustang first.... which turned into a trade of sorts. So now I'm the happy owner of a pretty clean almost stock 1990 GT 5.0 5spd.

    High km but it runs well and doesn't leak. It has a BBK cold air intake, flowmaster x-pipe and american thunder exhaust. Now mt plans are to collect parts to make it a more-fun street cruiser.

    My plans are for sub frame connectors and torque boxes, some sort of top-end kit with injectors, fuel pump and new program, 5 bolt conversion with upgraded front brakes, rear disks, truetrac, 31 spline shafts and 3.55's. Then start working on the odd interior piece. I need to get rid of the centrelines.

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  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. welcome aboard!
  4. Hard to find them that age and nearly stock. Nice one.
  5. Bought it from an old boss. It has pretty much sat for 7 years with the odd trip around the block. His son owned it for 3 years prior and never winter drove it. It's in pretty good shape considering the age. I'd turn it into a build thread but it's going to be a couple years of collecting parts before I tear into it.
  6. Sounds like you're off to a good start with your planned mods.