Hesitant bout purchase of new mustang gt


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Jul 13, 2019
Hi all, very new at this and haven’t posted much about nothing ever. Having said this, a last minute decision due to youtube videos concerning engine ticks pertaining to the coyote engine prevented me from purchasing a new manual stang gt fastback with performance pack I. Ive been waiting for this all my life (now 52) but decided to push it until at least next spring for a 2020. I am looking for informative and educated input on the matter.... thanks
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Potomus Pete

Is there a trick , or does my wife just hold it
Mar 7, 2019
Sarasota Florida
I was in traffic yesterday and there was a gt next to me. I dont have air and I heard this nasty tick on an almost new Mustang. If that was my car I would be unable to drive it without freaking out. Even my 89 better never tick. I would tear the thing apart right away. Also if I was paying $400.00 a month payment on a car that I couldnt fix myself ,,,,, dont even want to think about it. There should be a thread about new Mustangs ticking .

Potomus Pete

Is there a trick , or does my wife just hold it
Mar 7, 2019
Sarasota Florida
Off topic but I know a loan officer that said husband and wife both have $500.00 car loans. She cant give them the loan for a brand new $350.000 thousand house, and they get upset. Could we have a recession like before??? Yes


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Jun 15, 1999
San Diego, California
It all depends, mines pretty low, but I put over half down and took some payments to build up some credit. As for the engine ticking, perhaps it's just luck of the draw, I've put 5000 hard miles on it l, and was doing 150 on the Auto Club Speedway with no issues.
Other than the standard GT brakes, they're terrible when you threshold brake coming off the straight away. Get yourself either the Performance Pack or the base GT and spend the 1100ish for the front brake upgrade, highly recommended if you track it hard.
ed: Crazy idea, purchase the extended warranty. I brought the car in with no brake pads and scorched rotors, and they fixed that and switched the brake lines out... no cost (other than the additional warranty, duh). If the engine is that bad, they'll do a recall, and if not, you can just keep complaining and lemon law it. Until then, enjoy a 460hp car that's faster than anything not named GT500, and the 11's if you know how to launch.
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Mar 24, 2002
I think what most people are hearing is the mechanical fuel pump for the direct injection. It is engine driven and can be quite noisey.


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Aug 25, 2004
I bought my 2018 Performance Pack GT last October. Best car decision ever besides buying a 1989 SHO in 1990 lol. However, if you get a PP car with the quad exhaust, it's loud. Get the active exhaust or plan on doing something to tone it down. I am going to check on adding active exhaust. The suspension is also pretty stiff, but I'm used to it now. Or get Magnaride if you can drive one and like how it feels.

As someone said, if you are worried get an extended warranty. Many dealers sell over the phone at good prices. Just make sure it's a real ford warranty and shop around for a good price.
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