Hesitant Startup.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have a 2.3 N/A with a 4spd automatic. It's also a duraspark motor.

    I seem to have a choking start up. It's very quick to come and dissipate. It's only within the first 1-2 seconds of start up, but I know it's not a proper firing.

    So far I've replaced:

    · Replace Both Coil Packs
    · Replace Spark Plug Wires
    · Replace Spark Plugs
    · Replace Thermostat
    · Replace Timing Belt
    · Replace Crank Position Sensor
    · Replace Crank Hub
    · Replace Air Filter
    · Change Oil & Filter
    · Replace Valve Cover Gasket
    · Replace Upper Intake Gasket

    I'm not sure what else to replace. It does smell like it's firing really rich for a few minutes. Could the o2 sensor be going bad? What else should I look into replacing? I checked the ICM (loaded it 30 times back to back to make sure it wouldn't fail).

    Thanks guys!

    - Brandon
  2. I should also say that I'm at around 16 mpg in city which is really low. It kind of spits on startup then disappears. Something doesnt seem right. Checked codes and only had:


    every period indicates a second. As far as I know it's only SYSTEMPASS.

    Any clues??

    - Brandon
  3. check your IAC solenoid