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  1. I was reading a different thread where Jimp stated that getting a good tuner mod can get rid of the 'dreaded hesitation on takeoff'. A couple times while pushing the Mustang hard on takeoff I've gotten some hesitation... it almost feels like the motor is about to die.

    Does anyone know if this is definitely an 05-06 tuning problem, or is there possibly something else wrong? Any ideas specifically what would be causing the problem?

  2. do you have a way to make a video of the possible problem?
  3. There is throttle delay without a tuner. If you have a 5 speed, it is not as noticeable from a take-off. Do you have traction control? This can affect a hard launch, actually causing the car to shudder. Turn off the TCS, gun it from a stop, and see what happens (besides a one wheel burn out if you are lucky!). The engine shouldn't "feel like it is dying."

    Is the car stock?
  4. I'm interested in this subject also.
  6. I'm interested in this subject too.
  7. It is a stock 5 speed pony package automatic. I might be able to make a video, but so far it's only happened twice in about 4 months so I'm not entirely sure I can replicate it.

    Once was right after I bought the car, I was getting off the freeway and turning right. I didn't gun it or anything that time. My thought was maybe it was just the computer 'learning' the right settings. The second time was on an older paved road, and I floored it.

    In both cases I could see it being the traction control maybe... perhaps the first I was going through some water on the right turn, the second there could have been a fair amount of dirt on the road. Would the traction control have that dramatic of an effect though?

    I'll play around with it a bit more and see what I can find.

    Another way to describe it is as kind of a stuttering. My 65 Mustang used to do it if I gave it too much gas, so my instinctive reaction is to immediately take my foot off the gas. If I can get it to repeat I'll see how it responds to keeping it floored.

    If you have experienced a slight stall or hesitate on take off after driving your mustang for over 30 minutes, long distance driving, or after your mustang is hot, then I have good news for you. Ford has found the problem, The problem is on a new TSB that just came out and the problem is in the fuel pump. My dealership service department has already ordered mine as of today (June 8, 2006). Here is the Ford Part Number 7R3Z-9H307-C it's called a sender and pump unit. I do not have the TSB number but all dealerships should have the TSB on hand for you to read. I have already read this TSB this morning at the service department. Just some information to pass along to anyone who is or has or still is experiencing the same problem as I have. Again, the Ford Part Number is 7R3Z-9H307-C ask them to change it and it will solve the problem. Also another reminder for you, these new pump units are on back order because Ford had to redesign the pump unit. Hope this helps.
    2006 Mustang, V6, 4.0L, with Pony Package, Satin Silver, 5 speed manual

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  9. Thanks for posting this. The first time it happened was after driving for a while on the freeway. The second time was when it was stone cold (probably 45 degrees outside). I'm not sure if the TSB applies to me, but if I can't figure out what's causing it, I might just go that route. :)
  10. The 05+'s have a Torque Management System... basically it is the root of your hesitation issue... the computer limits the torque the motor will make. This is very noticable in 1st gear from a dead stop. To "fix" this pick up an SCT X-Cal2. For the automatics I highly recommend Alternative Auto (www.alternativeauto.com) Lidio is pretty much regarded as the top guy when it comes to an automatic. BTW.. the X-Cal2 will make a night and day difference in your car! You won't believe it!

  11. Why hasn't "someone?" specifically addressed this particular problem???

    Why do we have to puchase a complete street and strip tune system, when all we want is to get rid of the Torque Management System... ?

    a quick down loadable patch is all that's necessary.

    Frankly I'm dumbfounded that no one has hacked the code and distributed the fix (for a nominal fee of course).

    "someone?" is missing out on a wonderful business opporTUNEity :flag: