Hey all.. new here.. new car.. take a peek at her

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by Clean_pony, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. [​IMG]
    Hey everybody.. Just got another mustang .. check it out
    new to the forums.

  2. Sweet and welcome! Looks like a Stang from Smith Falls Ontario

    Check out or Stang Galleries, you may want it added
  3. I love your coupe..it's very clean :nice:
  4. wow, very clean

    what happened to your first stang ? :(
  5. Looks like a very clean ride ! :nice:
  6. Nice!!!

  7. You might wanna be sitting for this one..

    two years ago.. in November.. I had a 88 Lowered Deck body kit saleen wing blah blah... it was stollen.. the police call me in late april saying we found ur car.. I thought "Great" lol went to see the car with the guy did the body work.. and the car was painted titanium frost.. and about $7000 into including a new windshield and a VIN swap.. anyways.. they ****ed with the motor and ever since getting it back. it started popping when accelerating.
    changed a bunch of ****.. nothing.. so i friend who is a mechanic at ford bought the car. and blew the motor 6 weeks after when he finally got it running. and I think he is going to scrap it.. car wasen't running when i sold it.